The F Work?

Last week I talked to you about problems and profitability. As a thought leader and business person you are compensated for your ability to see and solve what the world calls problems. Yesterday I hosted our Titanium Monthly Webinar for our coaching group and we discussed how different we are as entrepreneurs from the ordinary public. Today I want to share a couple of mindsets you might want to examine in yourself.

It makes me think about how much we are misunderstood, beat ourselves up for lack of results, and feel like things will never be good enough, strong enough, or finished. How we think about our businesses and our lives is an integral part of our success. Success does not mean financial compensation and one of the exercises we’ll be doing next week at the Titanium Acceleration Workshop will help our members get complete clarity about what success looks like to them personally.

There are three words and thought concepts I’d like you to review when it comes to your life and business. Those are challenge, opportunity, and fun.

I teach a four step process to move from problems to opportunities in your mind and today I’d like to break down challenges and opportunities. One of the definitions of challenge is this: a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel. Some of us have a tough time seeing the true competition we have in our businesses.

We’re taught that all competition resides outside of us in the marketplace. It’s the plumber down the street, the HVAC Company that copies your marketing, and the electrician that tries to steal your technicians, right?

Absolutely WRONG!

The biggest competition you have is going on between your ears. You are competing with yourself on a daily basis in order to learn, grow, and win at this great game of business. There lies the challenge. Your true challenges aren’t team members, up front pricing guides, sales strategies, and marketing programs. The true challenge is how you frame this “stuff” in your mind.

Begin to see your challenges as an opportunity. Why? Because they are just that. When we are challenged, we have the chance to grow. We have the chance to improve. We have the chance to become a better person and leader. Most of you reading this agree with me on a conceptual level, but most likely find it difficult to see when the challenges are happening.

Once you catch yourself being challenged by something, consciously shift that thought to “opportunity” as quickly as you can. See how your physiology changes, your mind clears, and you have different energy to overcome whatever obstacle you’ve incurred. This is a function of your conditioning and will take some time to master, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Once you begin realizing challenges are opportunities, begin to take it one step further and realize you can be having FUN in the process. We’re taught that work is a four letter word…well it is, but you get my point. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. My most successful clients truly enjoy what they do. They get to have fun while building their businesses. They’re not having fun because they’re successful, they are successful because they are having fun.

Have a better than fantastic and fun day!


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