Fall Service Member Maintenance Checks

fall_leavesBy Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

How prepared is your team for performing your fall maintenance checks? We don’t have freezing temperatures yet, but now is a great time to start scheduling the maintenance appointments. Don’t wait until the cold weather is on top of you and you end up creating mass chaos.

Be sure you have a plan in place and schedule a meeting with your office staff and your technicians to discuss exactly what is performed on the visit. This meeting will remove any confusion between the office, technician and client. Especially if you have new people on your team.

It is important to check in with your team as scheduling both maintenance checks and incoming service calls can be challenging. Some companies have a dedicated technician to run these maintenance check calls. Since we do not have a dedicated technician for these visits, we book two visits per day, per technician so this leaves openings for incoming service calls. During this period the schedule can change many times depending on if technicians are selling additional work, so be sure you have call scripts for rescheduling and delaying clients. It is important to keep your clients updated at all times. Here are the scripts we use.


Hello this is ____with Peterson Plumbing I am calling to let you know that we have not forgotten about you. I just spoke with my technician and he is working on a system that has safety issues, we are not sure how long this will take, do you want me to keep you posted on status or would you like to reschedule.


Hello, this is _____ with Peterson Plumbing the technician scheduled to come out is working on a system that has safety issues and will need the rest of the day, I will need to reschedule your appointment with us. I have availability _______ or ______ what would be good for you

Don’t rush through the call.

You want to make sure technicians are not rushing through these visits, they must remember these visits are designed to give your clients piece of mind about their heating, plumbing and drain systems. After all you are the expert, right? By rushing through these you are short changing the client and the company. Most likely the client will end up cancelling the maintenance plan if they see no value in the membership.

Sometimes technicians just don’t like doing these maintenance checks because they feel there is no opportunity. So if they start blowing through maintenance checks, be sure to get out on a ride along with them for some additional coaching and help them get out of their own way. Share conversion rates and sales on maintenance checks so they can see the benefits of having committed clients who choose your company. You might even initiate a contest or spiff for technicians converting maintenance call into sold jobs. The opportunities are there and we need to take advantage every time we have the privilege of stepping foot inside our client’s home.

If you do not already have an effective maintenance agreement process in place here are a couple of home inspection checklists that we use to assure we are hitting every area of the system and meeting our client’s needs.


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