Walmart Offers Options

Earlier this week the lovely Christy and I accomplished one of our goals and we moved into the brand new house we had built for the next level of our lives. As you already know, moving can be a pretty big task and since we’re upsizing, there are many purchases to be made. Because I needed several things and was pressed for time, I went against my better judgment and stopped into a Walmart this week. I don’t usually frequent this chain, but this week it made the most sense due to several factors.

As I write this I’m coming off some fresh technician training and overcoming the ever present challenge most companies face by getting technicians to offer more options. In our training we spend a lot of time and focus on how important options are, how much they help the customer, the technician, and the company.

Invariably we are met with challenges from technicians immediately feeling like a snake oil salesperson or some crazy thought like that! All we’re attempting to do is create enough choices that a customer completely understands all the decisions they have regarding a specific, repair, replacement, or upgrade. Period! It is truly that simple, and yet the concept consistency gets met with resistance from front line team members. Because of this challenge, I’m always looking for examples of places that offer a lot of options that our team members frequent. We use restaurant menus, clothing stores,, and countless others as real world examples that they can connect to.

As I crossed the threshold of our local Grand Junction “Wally World” this week, I was blown away by the merchandising and sales offers immediately once I was in the store. I went from eye glasses to outdoor patio ideas to candy all within the first twenty feet of the store. As I continued my journey all I could see everywhere I looked was options, options, options!!!!

Is that a bad thing? Is Walmart a struggling company? Sure, they may have the low price high volume model that most of us do not utilize, but their customer base has proven time and time again that they still want options! Most of our technicians shop at Walmart as do most of our customers. If the largest retailer in the world is so big on options, shouldn’t we be learning a lesson from them? Why is this such a struggle for technicians? How do we solve it?

Begin helping your team see the importance of options and the simple fact that they themselves buy based on options all the time. They might not spend the money to have your company work at their own house because they are not your target demographic in the first place, but that is irrelevant to being a great retail consultant in the field. A Lamborghini salesperson doesn’t need to drive a $200,000 car to be incredibly effective in helping Lamborghini customers find the right model. They just need to understand what that car will mean to the potential customer and help them see the value and benefits of that car.

The better your technicians become at delivering an effective Options Sheet built on connection, trust, and value, the better your customer satisfaction and profits will be. Invest some time and resources in helping your team get over this challenge.

Have an incredible weekend!

My very best,


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