Five Training Mistakes at Company Meetings

When it comes to training people, studying training and peak performance, and observing many companies a year, I want to help you avoid some common mistakes we see when training onsite with our wonderful clients. I spend a big chunk of my time helping people zero in on their unique strength set to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.
One of the key distinctions between business owners that struggle along and the ones that flourish year after year is a skill set and desire to keep things as simple as possible while implementing proven systems and strategies. There’s a common mindset of very successful people that illustrates their desire to implement rapidly, minimize mistakes, and get the greatest return on investment possible.

More and more companies are beginning to view their training and training budget as a serious investment that should create a tremendous ROI for the business owners, management, and front line team members. The only way to accomplish great returns when it comes to training is to plan accordingly, continuously work on improving training, and avoid a few common mistakes I’ll share with you today.

1. Failure to Prepare for Regular Meetings

Many Service Managers are tasked with the role of company trainer when it comes to customer service, communication skills, technical skills, paperwork, housekeeping, etc. Most owners and managers that deliver the company training meetings are multitasking throughout the day and have many different hats to wear to be successful in their position. Because of so many things on their plate, preparation for weekly training meetings becomes a last minute thing and doesn’t get the time or attention it needs to be effective for the company, clients, and team members.

2. Overwhelming the Team – Too Much Content

Just because I’m a huge proponent of planning and preparing for company meetings does not mean I want a lot of topics prepped and ready to deliver in any one given meeting. Most trainers cram too much content in a short meeting without diving deep enough into the topic to create any real change. We recommend focusing on one deliverable piece of content and go deeper on training the who, what, when, where, and why about this topic three different ways with review included.

3. Trainer Dominated Training vs. Facilitation and Group Driven

Most trainers have a pretty big ego. Okay almost all of them do! There’s nothing wrong with keeping an ego in check as a manager or trainer, but it’s critical to remember that the training is NOT about who is delivering the message, it is all about the people being trained on the message. It’s easy to get into lecture mode and just teach, teach, teach, but that’s not an effective way for your team to learn and retain information. Incorporate group conversations and activities into your meetings and the topics you deliver. Allow them to learn from each other as you simply facilitate and guide the learning.

4. Failure to Inspire and Motivate the Team to Succeed

A company trainer does not need to be a motivational speaker. However, if you’re the training face of your organization, you have got to bring some passion and enthusiasm to the training you perform. Tony Robbins used to say its 20% content and 80% show. That’s not to say that content isn’t critically important, but it does demonstrate the importance of having a motivating and entertaining experience while the team is being trained. You must at least have the ability for your own passion to be contagious in helping the team want to accomplish their goals.

5. Lack of Follow-up Post Training Meetings and Topics

If there’s one major death of positive results after training, it is due to the lack of follow-up and follow through on topics and training already facilitated. You’re sadly mistaken if you think your company can host a weekly meeting and drive results higher just from that meeting alone. There must be follow up. There must be ongoing coaching. Team members must know and understand how the training is relevant to their job immediately and how it can make a positive impact on their results. They must know and love the fact that feedback and follow up will be consistent from the company trainer.



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