Education = Better Service and Higher Sales

After another stint of training a fantastic service company and doing ride alongs with some fantastic technicians this week, I feel compelled to remind us all of a very simple and effective strategy that gets missed all too often.

When a technician or salesperson arrives at a customer’s home, they arrive as a stranger. By the time they get through the Direction and Discovery portions of the Ultimate Client Experience, they must have earned some connection with the customer that equates to a higher level of trust than when they arrive in the first place.

Many technicians are resistant to get off topic and discuss common likes or make comments regarding things that the customer might be proud of if they are not directly related to the issue at hand. The argument I get all the time is that we are plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians there to perform said work, not to have a relationship with the customer.
We are in the relationship business as retail consultants and the top technicians and salespeople all over the US, Canada and Australia have a clear understanding of this fact and connect with their customers accordingly. You don’t have to be a hard core salesperson to have a lot of success in this space. You simply have to improve your education skills related to communication skills and customers will begin to invest more often and higher tickets in what you are offering as solutions for them in the home.

Most technicians resist the label of salesperson. However, in our live and online training schools when we ask them about service and educating customers, they get very excited about providing the best service possible, they just don’t want to be perceived as “pushy” when it comes to winning a customer’s business. This is perfectly fine with me because nobody likes a pushy salesperson, but we all love to buy from a well informed, good communicating salesperson.

Train your technicians on the importance of education based sales. When I’m doing ride alongs with technicians, many times I’ll see them shortchange the interaction with a customer when it comes to the features and benefits of a particular product or service, warranty, and the overall benefits of doing business with the company they work for.

If there is one thing you can implement immediately that will make a positive impact on your sales, it is helping your technicians understand and execute the importance of “opening up” with your customer base and paint a better picture of the overall benefits that your company has that no one else can provide for them.
It’s not about the stuff!

We all offer similar products and services to the ones that a myriad of our competitors offer. In the retail consulting industry that we now are a part of, we must do a better job of helping our customers differentiate the value between investing their hard earned dollars with us versus another company. Every market I train in, the technicians complain about how much competition there is, but very little is done to help a customer make a better buying decision when it comes to doing business with us. They can get the same product and/or service from just about anyone in town, but the one thing they cannot replicate is us and our value proposition as the team members of our company and the company itself.



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