Be Grateful, But Never Satisfied

By Kelly Schols - President, CPI Plumbing and Heating, Mount Vernon, WA

Here it is the week after Memorial Day and a 3 day weekend or 4 day weekend for some. I hope everyone was able to spend time with their loved ones, relax a little and be grateful for the freedom we have. I was able to get away and spend the weekend with close friends celebrating the holidays and one of my best friends 50th birthday.

Being a single parent of 2 teenage girls and a business owner I don’t get much time away from the business without my girls. With my girls away doing their own thing this weekend I found myself in a much different place than I am used too. It gave me time to reflect and just be grateful for the people and things I have in my life.

As business owners and managers it's easy to get so caught up in day to day operations and in life that we don’t take the time to reflect and let the people know how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

I remember a conversation with my late wife about a year or so before she passed away. We talked about our goals and what our (my) next goals were going to be once our girls went off to college. She asked me if I could ever be satisfied with what and where we were at in our lives. I responded, “I can be grateful but will never be satisfied.” At that time I am not even sure that I was grateful. I was always chasing the next goal and wasn’t taking the time to reflect and be grateful for everyone and everything we had at that point in our lives.

Ever since that conversation and the events that have taken place since I have taken a completely different approach to being grateful and I have seen my relationships with, my girls, family, friends, team members and the growth of my company all flourish because of it.

I still believe that we all need goals and should always be looking to improve ourselves, team members, and companies and make the people around us better. But I believe it begins with being grateful for what we have in this moment.

Take some time, get away from it all and reflect a little. Be grateful for what you have and the people you have in your life. Let them know that you are grateful for them and thank them for being a part of your life. You will be amazed at the response you will get and how it will make their day as well as yours.


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