The Committed Contractor

Earlier this week I spoke at an industry specific event held in Atlanta. As you probably already know, I love my craft of public speaking, coaching contractors, and training salespeople. Being a sought after speaker affords me the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know hundreds of contractors a year. This week I'd like to share some thoughts regarding differentiation when it comes to running a successful business.

Successful business leaders, regardless of industry, are committed!

Take it easy and take a deep breath. I don't mean committed like many of you are thinking right now. No, I'm not talking about being committed to a mental hospital, although there have been multiple times in my career that I thought that might be the best solution for me!

I'm talking about being committed to your vision, your goals, your team, your family, and your customers. As service business operators we certainly have no shortage of challenges during the course of any given day. The challenges are not the issue. Our level of commitment for solving the issue is.

During the past year at The Blue Collar Success Group, in addition to creating profitability, structure and leadership training, we've helped double the sales of two of the companies in our weekly mastermind group. (Our exclusive coaching group for service contractors). Sure we might get credit for helping our members create a path, stay on the path, and identify what is next, but there is an ingredient in the recipe for success that MUST be owned by the contractor. That ingredient is commitment.

You don't have to look around too much to identify that commitment is something missing in a variety of ways in today's society and business culture. When it comes to leading a company, commitment is mandatory if you want to grow. Leaders have their own blood, sweat, tears, and fingerprints all over the landscape of their companies. That being said, the average operator isn't committed enough to their own goals and beliefs about what's possible to make things really work.

We live in an industry of mediocrity at best. Therefore, if we can operate "just a little better" than the competitor down the street, we seem to be okay with that. I call BS with this kind of thinking. I believe life is too short and time passes entirely too quickly for us to just get by.

Is this business your calling or is your ego telling you stories about why you can't get to the next level. If this is your calling, then you'll be able to find the commitment to execute your plan. If it's not your calling, then why not perform at your highest level while you figure out what it is that really does drive you.

I train people all the time to be the best they can possibly be at what they do as long as they are doing it. A mentor of mine taught me that lesson two years into owning my own contracting business. I shared with him that I didn't like the business and I wanted to get out of it and do something else, but I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do. He said, "Kenny, that's fine. Pursue your next venture but as long as you're doing this, bring your absolute best to the game every single day."

That was 18 years ago and I still own that company I was questioning way back then. Find your desire, find your passion, find your commitment, and you're sure to find your profit.



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