If Not Now, When?

Most of this past week was spent in Nashville at the ACCA conference. This was actually the first time I had personally attended the show. I brought John with me while Robin held down the fort back home for the companies we now run.

It's always good to have a break from usual business and have a chance retool, reengage, and educate ourselves. Sometimes this education can come from a conversation at a reception, a late night bar conversation, or most traditionally from a speaker in the front of the room.

My buddy and mentor Larry Winget was the opening keynote speaker and of course he rocked the house with his simple message in his own way. His first bestselling book from many years ago was a key part of his message, "People are idiots and I can prove it." You can't watch Larry speak without being entertained, but there is much more to his message than the hilarious signs he holds up that he's collected from hotels, gas stations, and bathrooms over the years demonstrating some of the crazy things people do.

The core message is about taking responsibility. As business leaders we need to all step up and take more responsibility for our own actions and results, good or bad. Contractors seem very quick to speak about how brilliant they are when they post a double digit net profit in August, but blame the marketplace, weather, or customers when they post a double digit loss in February.

We all want to win, but what is the recipe for winning? That is the question I pose to you on this wonderful Friday. Is winning about profit? Is winning about growth? Is winning about creating jobs, or personal freedom? I believe winning is about the growth evolution as a leader and celebrating your gifted life every single day.

The lovely Christy and I are about six weeks from having our new house finished and moving into the home of our dreams together. I won't lie to you and say it hasn't been a distraction from our growing businesses housed under The Chapman Companies because it has. It's taken more time and effort than I expected, but this has been a goal of ours for quite some time, so is that a bad thing?

I think life and business are about balance and winning. We all define winning in different ways, but think about it a little more for yourself. What specifically are you waiting for? If not now, then when will you accomplish your next goal, take your next vacation, or do something you’ve always wanted to do? If not you, then who? In my keynote speeches, I’ll often have the audience yell at the top of their lungs with me, “It’s my time!”

What about you? Isn’t it about your time? Don’t wait, get started today!



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