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Another week has passed and I’ve enjoyed working with one of our nation’s best contractors again this week. I’m always honored to serve my clients and I’m blessed to ride with technicians in order to see how my workshop based training actually shows up and works in the field.

One of the things that I’m very adamant about in my classroom training (and may differ from some other trainers) has to do with crafting your presentation for the customer. I teach and train technicians to transition out to their truck in order to craft their Options Sheet with a service agreement, multiple options, and short-hand scope of work to be performed with a couple benefits to each option.

Some technicians, as well as owners and managers, seem to have a misguided and limiting belief that if they leave the house to go to the truck for five to seven minutes that they lose a connection with their customer. What?? Really?? If you lose a connection with your customer because you stepped to your truck for a measly five minutes, then guess what - you NEVER had a connection with them in the first place!

When technicians attempt to put together an Options Sheet in front of a customer, there is an uneasiness felt by the customer. There are a lot of questions in their head and their anxiety begins to build because there is so much unknown. It’s one thing to state to a customer that you will have a few options for them. They WANT options! However, when you sit at their kitchen table and get out your pricing manual, a calculator, and start writing in silence and punching a bunch of numbers into a calculator while transferring them to your Options Sheet, there is a disconnect that is made.

Some technicians are comfortable doing things this way, but I’ll tell you right now from firsthand experience time after time that the customer becomes uncomfortable. My service and sales system is all about connecting with a customer and making them as comfortable as possible before, during, and after we cover options and pricing.

All you have to do is be very thorough and diligent with questions that uncover everything going on with the customer’s situation. Once all the information is obtained to craft a quality Options Sheet, the technician simply says something like, “Mrs. Jones, I’ve addressed everything regarding your situation, now I’m going to step out to my truck for a couple minutes and put together some options for you. It should only take five to seven minutes or so, is that ok?”

In all the ride alongs I’ve done, I am yet to see a customer say anything other than the likes of, “Sure, that’ll be fine.” Once the technician gets to his/her truck they must be efficient with their time and get right to creating the Options Sheet. No phone calls to a spouse or friends; just get down to business.

This gives the technician a chance to breathe and get their Options Sheet crafted as well as think through their presentation. It also affords the customer a chance to breathe since there’s a good chance the technician will be covering more options than they might have originally expected.

Everyone wins and everyone is much more comfortable in the process. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!



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