Do You Treat Your Clients Like People or Like a Commodity?

Customer service repBy Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

It’s important to remember that clients are human beings just like you. They are not objects or dollar signs.

So be sure your customer service department and technicians don’t sound like robots to the point they are puking their scripts and process all over the client without ever hearing the client. When you are more worried about the process and the scripts you forget about the person you are trying to help and they immediately feel like they are not being heard. It is important to a find balance within the process and scripts that works for you.

There is great value in having processes and scripts, but relying just on processes and scripts leads to an unfeeling and unpleasant experience for the client. Everyone need to understand the key points to hit on within the process while making sure the client feels heard.

Service is not something that happens according to a script. It is an intuitive interaction between a rep and a client and there is a different outcome every time. We must remember that every client is different. They have different needs, attitudes and personalities.

The best way to connect with a client is to let them know you've heard their issue. Be careful, however, not to trivialize their issue as being no big deal, as people tend to be attached to their issues, and you don't want to turn anyone off. Your goal is to reassure your clients that you are here to help resolve their issue.

If you can sell solutions instead of services, you will more easily obtain clients. If you can learn to focus on your clients and their needs, you will build rapport and keep them loyal. This will not only build your clientele, but it also will save you time and money spent on marketing since word of mouth is huge in this industry


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