13 People Skills You Need To Have For Creating Superior Customer Service

People skillsBy Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

People skills are so important in our industry. If you do not enjoy helping people than you should not be in Customer Service. When you are in customer service you need to be on point with every call no matter what is going on personally or within the office. You must focus on each client and their needs one at a time. Giving excellent customer service will make both you and the client feel great. Here are a few customer service skills to help keep you on point. Take the time to review these each morning to be sure you are ready for the day.

  • Be A Great Listener

Listen intently. Be sure to ask questions to understand what they are calling for. This will show that you care and want to offer the best options.

  • Great Communication Skills

It is important to know when to listen and when to speak. Never talk over the client, always let them finish and then speak.

  • Be calm and have patience

No matter what kind of attitude your client has you need to manage your own emotions and stay calm. When you stay calm your client will feel much more heard and respected.

  • Keep your promises

Be sure to keep your promise to the client whether it’s to communicate with them about their appointment, send a copy of an invoice or call them back due to a complaint. Your follow up shows whether you truly care about your clients or not.

  • Be Honest

Being honest and transparent with your clients shows you truly care about their happiness and satisfaction, even when the message you are sharing is not positive.

  • Be Sure The Client Is Happy With The Resolution

At closing be sure you check in with your client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the resolution. This will help salvage the reputation of the company.

  • Be Confident

If you sound confident over the phone the more comfortable the client will feel about doing business with you.

  • Handle Surprises Well

It is essential that you understand who to transfer different types of calls to. So when a client calls in you are fully prepared no matter what the circumstance to get them to the person who can answer their questions and resolve their situation.

  • Working Under Pressure (busy, busy busy)

The client doesn’t know that your day has been crazy and guess what, they don’t care. They called because they need your service. They did not called to listen to your problems. You must maintain your composure at all times in order to give this client your full attention and offer your best solutions for them.

  • What If the Problem Was Yours?

Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to feel heard? Do you want to know how soon someone can come out?

  • Computer Skills

Having good computer skills and knowing where to go in your system is keying in gathering past information on a client and helping them with their current situation. You don’t want to keep the client hanging on the line because you have no clue where to go.

  • Take The Extra Step

Be sure to address the client by their first name, so be listening well they call in as people will give their first name at the binging of the call. At the end of the call confirm appointment, ask them by name if there is anything else you can help them with, thank your client for call and tell them to have a great day.

  • Know You Availability

You should be aware of your schedule at all times so as soon as the client mentions what kind of issue they are having you already know what you can offer. Once again, do not leave the client hanging!!


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