The Importance of a Sales Process

We’ve all had experiences that were less than favorable when we’ve needed to go to the Doctor’s office, had to hire an attorney, or sat unwillingly across from our tax accountant. I understand that it can be hard for us to compare our industry to those specific industries, but I want us to think about these professionals and the processes they have in place.

I was recently at my local Doctor's office for a minor procedure that I won’t bore you with the details about. All you need to know is there was a very sharp knife involved and a little anxiety on my part. My Doctor and I have a very good relationship; and we like to laugh and joke with each other. As he was moving in to cut me, he simply said, “Don’t worry Kenny, I’ve never done this before, but I saw it on House one time.” I don’t watch much television, but I’ve seen enough shows advertised that I got his humor, although I didn’t find it all too funny at that moment.

Of course my doctor was just having some fun at my expense, but it made me think about our businesses and what we do on a daily basis regarding customer service and sales. Personally, I’m very grateful that in spite of his lame attempt at humor that day, my doctor had a clearly defined process for the procedure he performed on me. Lawyers have systems and processes for creating contracts and business dealings. Accountants have processes for how they go about completing tax returns. Airline pilots have processes for checking an aircraft for safety prior to taking off.
Don’t we all crave process when it comes to dealing with professionals?

Why is it that when it comes to our own professions, process can get thrown out the window in lieu of “every situation being different”? That lame excuse is one of my favorite push backs from technicians when I’m training them on our Ultimate Client Experience Service Call. They resist process because they don’t want to feel like robots. I completely understand and support their concern, we just have to help them see how much process can set them free and improve their results.

Process is critical to creating predictable results and we must embrace this belief in order to improve our companies.

Process saves time.

With process you make fewer mistakes.

With process you can learn from your mistakes.

With process you can replicate your strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Process improves confidence.

Last week, I was able to witness one of the best service call experiences I’ve seen in over a year. I wasn’t sure about the technician’s results in reference to company goal and how he ranked amongst the other technicians, but once I saw his process I knew he was a top producer. As we were debriefing the service call, I asked him how the other technicians feel about him getting such great results (I didn’t have a clue of his results remember). He told me they seemed fine and have supported him even though he was one of the newest team members and was leading the company results by quite a bit. How did I know or guess that he was a leading technician?

Process, of course! Seeing how well he connected with the client early on in the call. Witnessing how he portrayed confidence in himself, company, and pricing. The way he took notes while discovering the customer’s potential needs. How he crafted his options sheet and delivered those options to this customer. These were all a statement of effective process and as soon as I saw it, I knew he must get predictable results.

As owners and managers we must pay great attention to results. After all, results are what matter at the end of the day. However, begin focusing as much or more on process and watch how those results become better and more predictable.

My very best,

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