The 3 Capabilities Present in All High Performers

As a progressive training and coaching organization, we spend a lot of time, energy, and resources focused on the traits and behaviors of top performers. As we continue to evolve the list of things that make them successful, there are a few capabilities that must be worked on consistently in order to keep getting desirable results.

The best customer experiences are always rewarded with the highest sales. However many managers, and most technicians, don't connect the fact that a favorable customer experience always gets the highest reward with consistent and predictable sales results. There is so much focus placed on getting the sale and efficiency of time that too often there is not enough time and effort put into the emotional experience created for the customer. We need their emotional experience to be top notch in order to differentiate ourselves from everyone else in the marketplace.

There are three capabilities that need to be constantly improved in order to get to the top of your game, and certainly to stay there.

1. Increase Confidence

People that consistently play at the top of their game have a certain level of confidence which they are able to translate into successful experiences. Because of their confidence, they take full responsibility for their own results and they understand that they must maintain and grow this confidence in order to keep achieving top results in the future. In having an awareness of how importance confidence is, they are willing to try new things and take certain risk because they are confident they will ultimately accomplish their goals.

2. Increase Internal Gratitude

There are two types of gratitude. The first being Internal Gratitude, which is when you want what you currently have. High achievers have the ability to appreciate where they are and what they have at the current state of their lives, regardless of how good or bad that may be perceived as at any given moment. This doesn't mean they don't want more good in their lives. In fact, it means they want a lot more greatness in their lives, but they are conscious enough to appreciate how amazing their lives are compared to many people and places on the planet at the current time. The second type of gratitude is external gratitude. This is when something happens outside of you that creates a positive change for you and therefore you become grateful. This is passive and leaves you out of control of choosing gratitude on a daily or hourly basis.

3. Increase Connection

The best of the best in our industry have the ability to connect with other people. This shows up positively in every customer interaction they have. They understand that people buy from people and they value the importance of creating a relationship with their customers before asking them to invest in their products or services. Connection with customers is ever changing with the way technology continues impact buying processes and decisions. Winners know that in order to keep winning consistently, they must always work on increasing connection.

When you witness people that are actively working on themselves and diligently improving their confidence, internal gratitude, and ability to connect with other people, you’re seeing something special take place. Focus on yourself and your team and see what new levels you can reach.

My very best,


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