Knock out Negativity

In this amazing industry we've chosen, we can certainly come across our share of challenges. We deal with so many different aspects of the business including but not limited to, human resources, finance, training and coaching, and sometimes even taking on the role of a counselor or psychologist.

Since we live in a world where people really pay attention to their peers, we must guard ourselves against negativity when we do end up facing a challenge. We all know that perseverance is a necessary trait of all successful people. When the going gets tough...well, you know the rest.

As I've talked to some contractors recently dealing with some challenges that they've created for themselves, I'm reminded of the importance of a positive belief system when things aren't necessarily going exactly as planned. If it's going to be, it's up to me! (Okay, I'm done with the clichés for now.)

Napoleon Hill stated that you must close your mind tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Do yourself a favor and read that previous sentence one more time. If one of our great thinkers in the personal development and achievement space is this adamant about protecting ourselves from negativity, I think we can all learn something from it.

First let's be clear about something. Closing your mind tightly to negativity is not about burying your head in the sand and ignoring reality, however, it is about choosing your own reality which is alignment with your own goals and dreams. Walking away from negative people doesn't mean you hate them, it just means you love yourself more!

Contractors as a whole can be a very negative group of people. I can relate to the “why” behind their negativity, but I won't accept it, I won't allow it around me, and part of my mission with The Blue Collar Success Group is to help dispel negativity from our industry. We're in one of the fastest failing industries in the world, so I understand there are challenges. However, how are we supposed to improve this great industry for us all if we're all upset and feel like victims of a game we don't know the rules to.

Figure out how to win! Figure out how to get positive and stay there! Figure out how to live in alignment with your core being purpose as a function of running this business! That is when is becomes more fun. The more fun it becomes, the better results you achieve, the better your culture becomes, and it's just a much better experience for all involved.

Do some inventory with your own Rolodex and see where your negative influences are coming from. Get involved in industry forums, conferences, and training. One of the benefits our clients get in our weekly mastermind coaching group is the opportunity to vent to each other in a safe and non-competitive environment. If someone is hanging out in a negative place too long, then we're able to help them out of it sooner because we're all positive and focused on everyone's success, not just our own.

Many contractors feel like they are a lost ship in the night and if they do reach out for help, it is often met with a less than positive response. Surround yourself with people that support your goals and dreams as well as the belief that you can accomplish those goals within this great industry we’ve all chosen.

My very best,


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