Are You Creating Your Own Freedom?

As a veteran of the US Army, I'm pretty patriotic when it comes to America. I also have lived enough life and traveled overseas enough to have great respect for many other countries and cultures. I'm sure that today there is all kind of media coverage and press regarding the Independence Day holiday. I'm not going to talk about the same things you'll hear most places today.

Today I want to talk directly to you... about you. Sure, today is a great summer holiday in the United States, but it's my responsibility to challenge you as your lifestyle and business coach. My challenge for you today is to get introspective for a moment.

Why did you start your business? Why did you become a manager? Why did you make a choice to become a leader in your particular space? When I'm doing live workshops and events, I love to ask this question of the class. Just do a quick exercise for me. Write down the top five reasons you started your business if you're an owner, or why you chose this position if you're a manager.

Inevitably, the answers that I get back from the class have to do with things like freedom, financial stability, and "to be my own boss". These are great reasons and desires for choosing your current path. Once I chart all the great responses in the front of the room, I simply ask one follow up question. "How's that working out for you?"

We usually have a few good laughs as the mood lightens up, but there's a really big point here that I want you to take away today. You have created your business and career! Whatever your current reality is regarding your daily operations has been 100% created by the choices you've made to this point.

Want a different result? Make a different choice! Your entire life is a simple total of your choices. Too often we can forget this in times of challenge or change. It's really easy to forget that we create our own reality when things happen to us that seem out of our control and are perceived as 'bad'. We can quickly jump to a position of victimization and feel sorry for ourselves and "wish" things we're different.

We have freedom! We live in a time and place that allows us to create anything we can dream! Most of us are just trying to carve out our little piece of success doing what we do in our corner of the world. That's great, but don't SETTLE!!!! Too many people in free societies settle for just getting by. They settle for good enough. Don't let that be you.

Success takes time. Success takes effort. Success takes failure. Are you willing to commit time, effort, and failure to create the company and life you deserve? Most people are not.

Many people in America are looking at today as a chance to sleep in, barbecue, and enjoy a day away from the office. That's all good, but don't forget that your independence is up to you. Our forefathers did their job, now it's time for you to do yours. Invest in the education, training, and accountability you need in order to create the independence that has been given to us.

My very best,


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