2 Simple Questions That Give You Absolute Clarity

sunsetBy John Burwell, Jr., Service & Sales Coach

Our definition of clarity here at the Blue Collar Success Group is: to know what you really want and who you must become in order to have it. The cool thing about this is that it applies to all areas of our lives. Gaining clarity does not have to be difficult when you know the right questions to ask yourself.

The 2 Questions

What specifically do I want?

Who do I specifically need to be to achieve it?

THEN...take the time to really think about and answer the questions.

By getting clear you are able to identify the things that are required of you. Let's use the example here of the 3 roles you play as a service technician at any given time throughout the service call.

  1. Teacher
  2. Counselor
  3. Expert (safety and technical)

These three roles show up at any given time during the service call and each has their specific place and their specific purpose in serving the clients needs.

The Teacher:

In this role we educate the consumer on the options they have directly related to their circumstance and need. We teach best when we teach like we learn. Doing so allows us to share confidence with the customer as they become confident in us.

The Counselor:

In this role listening is key. We need to hear from the customer their circumstances and needs. In this role empathy also is required so that we can create real connection. A Counselor understands that customers don’t buy when they understand you, they buy when you understand them.

The Expert (safety and technical):

This role is probably a favorite of technicians; using our knowledge, training, and experience to benefit the customer. This is a core of who we are as technicians and very important to providing a great service experience. Customers expect that we are able to determine the very best solution for the circumstance and need because of our position as technician.

Yes, these 3 roles are so import to keeping your connection intact with your customer. Taking the time to gain clarity before each call will assist you in providing a great service experience for your customer.

So, as you move through your work and life, take time to ask the question; what do I really want? and Who do I need to be? Then you will have clarity for the outcome you're working so hard toward.


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