What Will it Take?

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past decade, you're probably pretty clear that I'm a huge San Diego Chargers fan. Yes, a Charger fan living in Bronco country can be painful at times since we even play in the same division, the AFC West. That being said, this weekend when Peyton Manning takes the field in the first ever 'ice bowl', I will be cheering for Denver all the way.

I'm not a huge Manning fan personally, (in fact, my Chargers drafted little brother Eli who declined to play for us), however, I'm a HUGE fan of peak performance. Peyton has overcome a ton of adversity in the last couple years and certainly silenced all the critics regarding his ability to play the game at the highest level following a terrible and potential career ending injury.

My message today is not about Peyton Manning. It's not about the Broncos or the Chargers, and it's not even about football at all.

My message is about you. What will it take to make 2014 your best year ever? A higher level of discipline? A higher level of focus? A stronger desire to earn the money you and your family deserve for your time, risk, and effort?

I think we can all learn a lesson from the great quarterback of the Broncos. Talent is certainly abundant with Manning, but I really don't believe he's the most talented individual that does what he does. I do however believe that he's the hardest working QB in the game. At 37 years old (which is like a 102 in NFL years) he has to be more engaged, work the system better, study his craft and competition, and rely on his TEAM to help him be successful. Sure he may have set many records this year at the quarterback position, but he could NOT have accomplished any of that without a very strong supporting cast of players, management, and ownership.

The same is true in our worlds of the service business. You can have the best plan on the planet but you can't execute it without your team! You're the quarterback, the head coach, as well as the general manager watching from the box seats! You must work harder and smarter than anyone in the game.

Hard work doesn’t necessarily translate to hours or time, it translates to effectiveness. What will it take for 2014 to be your best year ever? You’ve got the answers…we can help. Make this your Super Bowl year!



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