Keys To Excellent Customer Service Experience - Everytime

By Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

When was the last time you really listened to your customer service representatives who interact with clients daily? Are they becoming robotic and flat? When you do something so repetitive day after day it’s easy to become numb and to stop listening and communicating effectively. It’s like you are answering the phone asleep.

Well guess what, it is time to wake up and stretch for excellent interactions with your clients every time. Clients should not be viewed as JUST another number, instead we must remember that when we pick up that phone we are interacting with another human being who is calling us for service and that we get the opportunity to help them with their needs and create a long term client. If the client feels like they are just another number in your day and the experience is flat chances are good their impression of you and company is flat too. They may never call you again.

Your interactions with clients must include listening, empathy and validation. Think about yourself as a client, put yourself on the other side of the phone or counter and write down how you want to be treated.

Want to WAKE UP your customer service team? Use the following 10 points as a discussion guide for your next team meeting. These customer service points can also be applied to interacting with team members.

10 Keys to an Excellent Customer Experience:

  1. Create maximum value. Meet and even exceed the needs of the clients.
  2. Care deeply. Treat your clients as you would want to be treated, as you would treat a friend or family member, with dignity and respect.
  3. Be present in the moment. Each client interaction is unique, and deserves your undivided attention.
  4. Listen with integrity and effectively communicate to understand the client and their situation.
  5. Don’t take things personally. It’s typically not about you. Remain calm, composed and professional. Avoid personality conflicts.
  6. Never let your personal issues negatively affect the client service experience. It’s your issue, not theirs.
  7. Be solution minded. Maintain a positive perspective as you work with clients for a solution to their particular situation.
  8. Work to help them feel better than they did at first contact. Be positive part of their day. End the interaction with, “Did I take care of your concerns?”
  9. Build trust and strong relationships. Maximizing client loyalty, retention and referrals.
  10. Clients have a choice, and so do you. Always create a win-win situation.



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