Goals anyone?

It's been said that goals are nothing more than dreams with deadlines. As we get older and 'wiser' we begin to let go of our dreams because the world teaches us to start being more realistic. Realistic? Bah humbug!!! If you want to get realistic, let's get realistic about achieving more than we ever thought possible.

I spend a lot of time training technicians and working with them regarding performance improvement. There are consistently three simple key factors that I see in top producers all over the world. They know what they want, they know where they are, and they're willing to stretch themselves. More on his in a moment.

One of my mentors and friends instilled a saying in me many years ago. She said, "Goal set - Goal met". She elaborated with the fact that setting the goal is more than half of the battle because you can manifest it in your mind. Our conscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool that goes widely unused when it comes of human potential. Why is this?

We're afraid of failure! We're afraid of rejection. We're afraid of what people will think of us if they know what we want to accomplish and for some reason don't make it happen. Stop it! Stop worrying about everyone else, and let's get control of our destiny! If you're reading this as one of my clients, you're either in the USA, Canada, or Australia. Regardless, it's a free world you live in and you have the ability to create whatever you desire, so let's get to it!

Top techs know what they want.

Whether I'm doing my 3 day Service Sales Success School (like the one in Tampa Feb 13-15), or riding along with technicians, I see top performers that have clarity of what they want for sales and personal income. It's not that they 'want more', it's that they will have specific sales numbers on the board and specific income numbers on their pay stub at the end of the year.

Top techs know where they are.

These are people that keep track of their own performance. It's not a secret that our techs are not a fan of paperwork, and we make them do plenty of it for sure. However, the rise to the top includes a tiny bit more paperwork by them keeping a little journal including conversion rates, sales numbers, sold hours, leads set, what they did well on a call and what they can improve. I don't care if the company tracks and posts these numbers for them, it takes far more ownership when a team member keeps their own stats in addition to what the company posts. It creates more focus and energy on improving where they are.

Top techs stretch themselves.

I was on a service call with a technician in the Northeast on Tuesday when he used our Clarity Question that I teach at my schools. He told me he was very nervous with me riding with him but he was willing to try it anyway. As always, it did what it's meant to do, so he got a better result than before. He set a lead that sold in a 'bad neighborhood' on a 'bad call'. If he'll embrace getting out of his comfort zone, his results will continue to skyrocket.

We're all excited about a great 2014. Let's not forget that in order to grow the business we must grow ourselves and grow our people. Help your team to find what they want, keep score, continue to train and stretch, and you're on your way to enjoying the growth you desire.



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