Enthusiasm and Personalized Service

Yesterday we had a great monthly training call regarding the power of enthusiasm and what role it plays for us as business leaders in our individual positions. Today I want to revisit a few things we discussed as well as reinforce the importance of providing personalized service.

When I’m training your technicians about providing a higher level of service, which translates into more options and higher tickets, we do some exercises discussing good and bad service experiences that we’ve personally experienced as customers. It doesn’t take any time at all to realize that bad service has simply become a standard in most establishments, regardless of industry.

There are certain exceptions to this norm, but most of the competition is really weak when it comes to executing a high level of service on a consistent basis. When we’re able to educate, train, and practice effective communication techniques with our front line team, excellent service becomes far more achievable. They begin to understand the cause and effect behind their own enthusiasm, energy, and communication styles.

People are craving personalized service that is delivered by those that are educated at what they do, are enthusiastic about what they do, and are willing to provide an experience for us around what they do! Can this be applied in service contracting? You better believe it! However, it won’t happen on its own, so you better look at your training effectiveness in your own organization.

The top technicians know and understand that it’s a must to make a customer feel important by personalizing each service call using the customer’s name, asking a lot of engaging questions, mirroring back the thoughts, ideas, and options for a customer based on the personalized information they provided through the predictable system process. This is the key to setting yourself and service free by utilizing a proven system.

The lovely Christy and I celebrated our anniversary dinner in Denver last month by dining at one of our favorite spots in LoDo called The Oceanaire Seafood Room. It is a small chain restaurant, but it’s along the quality and service lines of a Capitol Grille, or Morton’s, and Christy and I love the fresh fish they get flown in daily.

We had made reservations that included the information that we were celebrating our anniversary and their system worked flawlessly. They personalized our experience by bringing us complimentary champagne as we awaited a good booth for our special dinner that had not freed up by the time our reservation had arrived. Once we got seated and were handed our menus, we found that the menu which is printed daily said, “Happy Anniversary” in big bold letters across the top of our menus. I understand the reality that they have a few “canned” statements they print, but it made us feel a little bit more special and it enhanced our experience.

When you get in that state as a customer, everything just works better. The food tastes better, the wine is a little bit better, the service is just right, and the price is way down the list of priorities. How is our system applying these strategies for our customers? Obviously, a restaurant experience is different than a service tech, but personalized service is even EASIER for a service tech because they are in the home with the customer and have complete ability to uncover what’s important to this customer.

Maximize your enthusiasm and personalize your service a little bit more and watch your results improve immediately in 2014!



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