Create An Unstoppable Duo Within You

By John Burwell, Jr., Service & Sales Coach

Five years ago I made the decision to take charge of my diabetes and incorporate a stronger work out routine into my life. For me that means time in the gym and each year about this time I see the same pattern emerge. The first six weeks of the year means increased crowds at the gym and by mid-February the crowds begin to thin as people’s resolve begins to thin. The focus on physical health is always strongest the first few months of a new year. Knowing what it will mean to my health and quality of life if I follow that pattern reinforces the decision I made and keeps me on track throughout the year. It’s not easy and I continue to rededicate myself every day, because I know that physical strength and health is the result of that dedication.

Keeping yourself in strong physical shape is just one aspect of overall health. The other is your mental shape. Your mental shape has an equally significant impact on your quality of life.

Mental Shape

In our school for service technicians we spend a majority of the first day focusing on mental shape. What does “mental shape” have to do with being a successful service technician? How about this, EVERYTHING!

Research show consistently that performers in all disciplines excel when they are not only physically at the top of their game, but also mentally fit. Following are 3 questions to ask yourself each day and 3 corresponding goals to strive for each day. Use these tools in your own daily routine and share with your entire team.

You can use this exercise as weekly meeting with your team to help them increase their overall performance.

Check In With Your Mental Shape

Q1: How is my mental energy today?

There is only so much energy available to you in a day before you need to recharge. Wasting energy on things you cannot control drains you of valuable energy. Have you ever been around that person who worries about the weather? Worrying about a huge storm that’s coming will not stop it, right? You can prepare for it if needed. But let go of the worry, it’s sucking up your energy.

Goal 1: Center your focus today on things you can control.

Q2: Are the majority of my thoughts positive or negative?

Brain research indicates that we have up to 60,000 thoughts in a day and for most people 70-80% of them are negative. Negative thoughts occupy the space that could be used for productive thinking.

Goal 2: Replace negative thoughts with gratitude.

This simple practice keeps you in a productive space and opens you up for more positive interaction.

Q3: How well do I tolerate mental discomfort?

Mental discomfort is tied to the emotional aspect of mental shape. It is not about ignoring our feelings; in fact honoring them is important.

Goal 3: Pay attention to when emotion is controlling your actions. Pause and consider your options before acting.

By placing focus on your mental shape you will remove barriers that get in the way of optimal health. Like a dedicated workout routine improves physical health, a dedicated mental routine increases your mental shape. Combined, they are an unstoppable duo.


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