2 Surprising Keys To Creating And Maintaining A Super Bowl Quality Team

By John Burwell,Jr., Service and Sales Coach

One of the most challenging things in professional football is to get to the top and then stay there; to win the Super Bowl and then do it again the next year. A team of this caliber will say that there are many things that it takes to stay on top. One of the top things they will share is it takes the right people in the right position.

I heard an interview on sports talk radio the other day with a reporter who has been reporting on the Seattle Seahawks since Pete Carrol became the head coach. He shared some of the coach’s perspectives and philosophies that he’s carried with him since coaching at the college level. I was struck by how his approach parallels what we are working on in our business:

1. Potential of a team member

2. Position of a team member

I think we can all agree that we have recognized potential and may have even seen it demonstrated by our team members, perhaps just not on a consistent basis. I am a big believer in identifying and nurturing potential and feel it is a big part of my responsibility as a leader of Team Peterson Plumbing.

What is the definition of potential? Having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something; processing the qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success. We can all recognize it and have seen it demonstrated at times by our team members. So what can we do to develop that potential to benefit the team member, our customers, and the company?

1. Have a conversation with the team member about the potential you see in them. Make it an open and safe conversation. Ask them questions to see if they recognize the potential within themselves. They may not. Or they may be holding back because of self-doubt.

2. Leverage what you learned in the conversation to customize the development of the individual’s potential. They will now be able to help you do this.

3. Be diligent about checking in. Paying attention to progress and grow. Point out to the team member where you recognize their improvements. This is where the momentum is built. This also where you will increase consistency.

So take some time and think about and assess your teams potential. It will put you in a position to lead even more effectively. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and we can have an additional conversation about it or let me know how it is going with this.


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