What's Costing You Six Figures a Year?

We all want our companies to grow, prosper, and create a certain level of security and freedom for us in our personal lives. When we first begin in business, we seem pretty keen to focus on the growth and maximizing the most of each and every opportunity. Once we’ve been in business for five, ten, or even twenty years, sometimes this sense of urgency seems to wane.

Why do you think we end up settling for mediocrity, when peak performance can also be a choice? I believe there are many factors that enter this equation, but I think lack of a proven and organized process is a big part of the problem we see with contractors in all different markets. Recently I recorded a Done For You training video for my monthly clients entitled, “The Importance of a Sales Process”.

The content was designed and delivered through the video format to the front line technicians with a goal of helping them understand why it’s so critical to success to embrace process in every facet of the business, including but not limited to the sales process. Today I’m not writing about the entire sales process however, I want to encourage you to take an objective look at one aspect of your sales process.

There’s a really good chance that your follow up system is costing you several thousands of dollars a year. In fact, in many companies, it’s well into the six figure range regarding lost sales that never got followed up with. Think about this for a minute. What if I told you that I had a hundred thousand dollars in cash waiting for you, but you had to take a little bit of action to retrieve it?

You would certainly want to know what action had to be taken in order to get the money, right? You would want to be assured this wasn’t a Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore movie script where there was bribery for the wrong reasons to retrieve this money of course. Think “Indecent Proposal”.

No, no, no, I tell you, there’s no crazy action to take in order to collect your money. You just need to make a few phone calls every single week and sometimes every single day. You’ll need a simple script to follow. You’ll need to have good energy in your voice. You’ll need to be completely focused on the wants, needs, and desires of the customer. You’ll need to know the benefits (and be able to effectively communicate them) regarding your product and service.

Once you have all these things in place, you simply need to take consistent action. We have clients of The Blue Collar Success Group that have a dedicated person in the office that does the follow up calls for work that was quoted, but not sold. Other clients of ours have their technicians do the follow up calls because the technician has already built some trust and credibility, has a rapport with the customer, and knows their situation.

I’ve seen both ways work well. I’ve seen hybrids of the two of these work well. Either way is probably going to work better than what you’re currently doing. We work way too hard to generate a phone call, get a truck to a home, spend time uncovering a situation, all while building trust with a customer, just to walk away and forget about them forever when they don’t invest with us on the spot.

Your follow up system doesn’t need to be a pushy phone sales division of your company. The point is simply to get back in touch with the customers to learn what their thoughts are about your proposal, as well as learning where there could be a breakdown in your system.

A few simple phone calls a week and you can be generating several thousand more in sales without it costing you a dime. You’ve already done the bulk of the work with these customers, now just follow up with them.

My very best,


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