The Secret To Extending Your Range

shortstopBy John Burwell, Jr., Service and Sales Coach

In baseball there is a quality that is critical to one particular position. This quality significantly impacts the compensation for the player who excels at it. Most players holding the position possess a degree of this quality however, there are those who impress and noticeably widen the gap from other players. This quality also has an impact on the baseball fans. A player who demonstrates this quality at its best can have fans talking about it for days, weeks, months, and even years to come!

So what is this magical quality?! It is the range of a shortstop. The shortstop has to respond to a hit ball in the short distance with the widest coverage in the shortest time to make the best play.

Like a shortstop, a technician on a service call needs to get to the heart of the issue quickly by identifying the best solutions possible and make the play that is best for the client and the team. This is your range as a service technician . So, what is your range? Are you a quick in quick out repair minded tech? Do you tend to think too much about what you would do if you were the customer? Do you cringe at listing to many options because you think that it is overwhelming the customer?

Stop it right now! This is blocking your range and reducing the quality of service you are giving the customer.

If the shortstop had this type of mindset how many balls do you think he would stop or get to? What value would he be to the team, his compensation, and the fans?

How do you improve your range as a service technician?

Work on putting in play the following practices:

  1. Take care of the issue—the initial issue requires our attention first. Reassuring the customer you've got this and not to worry, is your first mission. By easing that concern you build trust and allow for your attention to go to providing all of your professional options.
  2. Utilize all your ability and expertise to enhance the customer service experience causing them to talk about you and the team for a long time.
  3. Get out of your own way. You are not the customer. Consider what is in THEIR best interest, always, always, and oh yeah—always!

Giving these practices a fair amount of application and time to work will increase your range on the service call, setting you apart from others, and having people talk about you in a positive way for years to come.


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