The Key To Sustainable Growth

As we come up on what most of our industry refers to as shoulder season, the big trade shows and events begin taking place. Just in September alone we have the big show at Comfortech in Nashville, (come and see us as we’ll have a booth and doing some complimentary training analysis work with those that want us to). We also have our own Blue Collar Success Group Live Look event focused on growth and strategy on September 29-30th where we explore what one of our successful clients is doing well, then build our own strategies and plans for the fourth quarter and a great jump on 2015.

Why is it important to educate yourself and your team? It’s simple, education is the key to sustainable growth in any company. Certainly education itself is not enough on its own since we have to actually go do something with the information we are exposed to, but it’s crazy to think you can grow year after year and not be spending time with the industry transformers.

It’s been said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. There have been studies done that reflect most people also earn within $5,000 per year of their five closest friends. Not sure about you, but both of these facts are enough to make me look at my peer groups and where I’m spending my time, as well as with who.

I’m sure you’re very smart. You wouldn’t be consuming information like my blog if you weren’t already more progressive than most of your competition. That’s a great start, knowledge is the beginning of all great things. Last week I was at one of the events where I get training and coaching myself. Coaches need coaching too and I’m on a journey of lifelong education. There were many great speakers and entrepreneurs in the room that are playing at the top of their games.

One of the speakers said if you’re the smartest person in the room, you better find a new room! I couldn’t agree with this more. I’m sitting in this room that has many $100+ million dollar executives in the room and they’re taking notes like it’s the first day of school. Why? Because they understand a very important concept necessary for growth and improvement, Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Tony Robbins calls it CANI for short.

There is always someone smarter than you. There is always someone who has done it before you. There is always someone who has learned the lessons and is willing to share them with you. We have a lot of great coaches in this industry and the backbone of what we do at Blue Collar is based on educating the best practices we see in the industry. Our weekly coaching clients don’t just want information, they want executable and implementable information.

It really doesn’t matter where you’re getting knowledge as long as it’s quality, it works, and you are willing to implement. If you want your company to continue to grow and aspire for new levels, commit yourself to lifelong education and watch your results improve.

Oh, one last thing too…it’s a whole lot more fun when you’re not playing the game on your own island any more!

My very best,


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