Pop Quiz! What Grade Is Your Team In?

kids walkingBy John Burwell, Jr., Service and Sales Coach

The 2014 school year is kicking off for most students around the country. Kids are starting their next grade level. Last fall they passed from one grade to the next and what qualified them to move on to that next level was the grades on their report card. Report card grades are made up of scores from quizzes, daily homework, school work, attendance and exams.

Just like the grading system in school allows students, parents and teachers to evaluate where a student’s strengths are and where they need attention; we need a grading system in our home service businesses to evaluate our service technician’s strengths and areas of opportunity.

Grading System

Keep your system simple. You will find the process much more effective when you limit the evaluation process to just four areas. Adding more can cause confusion and water down the process.

Top 4 Grades to Evaluate

  1. Attitude, Energy, Mindset: this is critical, not everyone will be 100% each day however, how they are 80% of the time is important to how they interact with the client, with their teammates, supply houses, and their overall public appearance. Here is where your brand is represented.
  2. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): These are measures of job performance and sales results. Tracking these gives you a snapshot of their stats and results.
  3. Customer Service/Communication: What are their customers saying about them? How many reviews do they get each month? How about their referrals? Are the review positive?
  4. Ride Along: This is a strong gauge to qualify the other three. Doing one ride along every once in a while is not an effective or fair way to evaluate. You can look at this as the pop quiz of the grading process. It allows you to see firsthand how they are performing, but only give you a true picture when done consistently.

As you evaluation each team member give them a letter grade in each area of A—C. I don’t recommend grading of D or F. If your team member is falling into this category you’ve got some stronger coaching or progressive discipline to engage in. At this point we want to assume that anyone on your team is at least average or a C. Through this process you will be able to move your players to the next level by holding them accountable and helping them achieve a higher grade.

Your Team Score

Grade each one and then average the four to give you the overall grade for each team member. You can then take the total of team members you have and average all the grades to come up with your team grade. This gives you the average to compare the individual team members.

Your assignment is to grade the individuals on your team and your team as a whole. What questions do you have for me before you start? Be sure to share how this went for you and your team.


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