One Surefire Way To Ignite Your Business Growth Engine

There are so many things to look at when it comes to creating a sustainable and profitable home service company. Things like sales models, technician training, hiring, overhead, competitors, and so on. These are all important factors and we definitely need to have timely and accurate reporting systems to keep track of the Key Performance Indicators that drive our businesses.

With all the quality reporting that you look at (or should be looking at) each day, week, and month, there is one critical factor that can get overlooked.

What's your personal level of engagement? How passionate are you about your team, your company, and your customers? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that sense of excitement about your day? Or, are you living in a bit of a fog while going through the motions of running a company?

The success of your company is directly tied to your personal level of engagement as a leader. You must constantly reinvent yourself, no matter how long you've been in business. The market is changing, your competition is improving, and you must remain engaged and evolve through the process.

Earlier this year I celebrated my 20 year anniversary as the owner of what has become Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Our company today doesn't even remotely represent our humble beginnings when I first purchased the one man show called Tope's Rooter King. We've gone through multiple acquisitions, name changes, logos, and company leaders in those 20 years.

Many things changed over the years and yet one thing has remained predictable and consistent. Our success is directly tied to my own level of passion and engagement, as well as that of my leadership team. When distractions come into play, results suffer. When we feel bored, or tired, or burned out, the company will reflect this through results.

Reinvention 101

If you're anything like me, you thrive on change and growth. Even if you don't love it, I'm certain you can see the value of these two principles. Winning companies reinvent themselves without changing positions or roles. We desire progress more than anything in the world, and progress requires change. Think about the last week and mentally do some clarification about how engaged and passionate you've felt about your tasks. Don't overthink it, listen to your gut.

If you're not feeling energetic and excited, it's time to reinvent. I'm not suggesting you need to feel like you're at Disney World every day or with every task. Of course there are certain aspects of your job that you enjoy more than others. However, your overall gut feeling needs to be one of excitement for what's happening now, as well as the next levels of growth as a leader and a company.

Don't feel alarmed, ashamed, or frustrated if you are in that space of burnout. Just don't stay there. Do something right NOW to take a different action. If you're in a funk, send us a message! Please!

I'll be happy to spend a few minutes with you to help you get past whatever it is that's got you jammed up. Several of our mastermind coaching group clients came to us ready to leave the business. What's interesting to me is that two contractors I can think of specifically came to us wanting to fix their companies just enough so they could sell and do something different. We've helped both of these companies double in sales while creating more profit and both owners are having a blast again and aren't even thinking about selling.

Why? Engagement!

If you don't have engagement it's costing you money. If you're unclear about how important this is, or if you too are in a place that you’re not enjoying the business very much, I want to hear from you.

Get engaged, live with passion, and have more fun in your career. You'll like what the results will show you.

My very best,


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