Drive A Tesla For Free!

We must begin this week with a couple of quick questions I have for you.

How specifically do you know your target demographic customer? Can you tell me what they’re names are? Do you know exactly where they live, what types of jobs they have, and how many kids they have?

How clear you become about who you want to target has an immediate and direct influence on how well you control the growth of your company when it comes to customer service, sales, and operations fulfillment. Different demographics demand different types of service and make different buying decisions. We need to think very carefully about this.

The size of your market has everything to do with how narrow you can get (or choose to get) when it comes to your exact target customer demographics. Today, in order to get good target customer information, it has become easier than ever. We have all these new reporting tools, technology, and drones that tell us almost anything we want to know about customers, okay, maybe not drones, but…they’re coming too!

Recently, the lovely Christy and I were in Newport Beach for a coaching event we attend three times a year to stay on top of our own games and continue to learn and grow. We don’t just advocate that our clients invest in coaching and training for themselves, we invest heavily in our own education. So here we are at this beautiful resort called Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California.

This is a very high end coaching group and a very high end accompanying property for the event. At the last break on the second day of sessions, the leader of the event said that the Tesla Motor Company had a few cars out front for anyone that wants to test drive them or take a quick cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Living in my little town in Western Colorado, we don’t see Tesla’s around all too much. Although, I believe there are three in town now and we have a Tesla charging station now being right on Interstate 70. Naturally, I wanted to take one of these amazing pieces of technology for a sunset cruise after two grueling days of being coached and trained.

Once I got to the staging area and saw a fair line of people wanting to take them up on this great offer, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is brilliant marketing! Do you think Tesla knows who and where they’re target demographic customer is? The event we attended was $10,000 per ticket, and rooms were $700 - $1900 per night at the discounted event rate!

People at this event and staying at this property are certainly in the right space to drive a brand new Tesla. It was brilliant information based marketing. There was no hard pitch, just spreading information about their cars and company. Making more people aware of how affordable these cars are and showing the performance of these amazing machines.

What about you and your company? Are you making the mistake of not being crystal clear about you who you want to serve? Are you in a city and trying to be all things to all people? Zero in on exactly who your customer is and speak directly to them and watch your advertising dollars do better and better for you.

My Very Best,

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