How To Reduce Chaos In Your Business and Life

office_chaosBy Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

You keep saying things are out of control. Yet week after week and year after year you keep saying the same thing. You've changed team members and friendships, but the CHAOS hasn’t stopped. So, I think you need to start asking yourself, are YOU the source of your CHAOS? Has this just become a way of life and you can’t live without it?

Internal chaos can run the gamut from personal idiosyncrasy, to the voices in our head, to anxiety, to the various dysfunction or baggage that we drag around with us from day to day. These things are part of the fabric of our personality, and we usually do our best to manage them, medicate them, or just ignore them.

6 signs you have chaos in your life

  • You find yourself overreacting to everything, including things people say and to conditions outside your control.
  • You have lingering unidentified health issues such as fatigue, and/or symptoms that change regularly.
  • Your life has taken on an erratic flow and it feels as if life is “happening to you” and everything is at the mercy of chance.
  • Every little thing becomes an emergency in your mind.
  • Your business is struggling, clients are canceling, or you are attracting all of the wrong people to you.
  • You are too tired to recognize or enforce your own emotional, personal and professional boundaries.

If you are prone to create chaos for yourself, the first thing to do is look for habits in your life around money, relationships, work, school, or anything that throws you off track in a big or a little way on a regular basis. Basically, this becomes an exercise in confronting the places where we fall down.

Tips for owning it

  • Write down all the things in your life/work that make up your current chaos.
  • Note which ones you created by saying YES when you needed to say NO.
  • Note which ones you created and which ones were created by others that you felt you had no control over.
  • What is your ratio between chaos you created vs chaos you were a victim to? Is there a message here?

Things to think about:

  • What positive benefit do you get from living in chaos?
  • Does the chaos in your life make you feel important?
  • Do you create chaos around small issues to avoid the big ones?
  • Do you like playing the sympathy card, ‘woe is me’?
  • What negative impact does this chaos create in our life?
  • What is your ratio of positive to negative impact? Once again is there a message here?

Now make a list of the things you are going to add to your life once your remove the chaos - like have more time for yourself, improve your attitude, improve your physical fitness, spend more time with family or work on a personal project.

Take control over your chaos instead of letting chaos control you. The choice is yours!!!!


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