3 Ways To Keep Your Business On The Leading Edge

Look to the horizonBy John Burwell, Jr. Service and Sales Coach

I recently attended the ACCA Conference for additional education in the HVAC part of our business so we can continue to benefit our team and our customers. The main theme I was hearing was that our industry continues to change at a breath taking pace and if we don’t adjust to that change it will pass all of us by. We risk opening ourselves up to the companies that invest in the future. From the industry as a whole, to our companies, all the way to us as individuals we are at risk of falling behind.

Change itself can be defined as evolving, improving, and getting “smarter”. In an industry that generates $448 billion a year we need to mindful that it’s our responsibility to guard it from outside entities infiltrating it. If we don’t, we will see more of what is starting to take place with companies like Google entering OUR arena (they recently bought out NEST).

We can see change and evolution not only in our industry but in every area of our economy. Look at cell phones and TV’s for example. In a very short period of time the field of top players has changed. The manufactures of the past who did not innovate and move to the forefront of technology have disappeared and those who saw the potential in “smart” technology have taken over. The companies who strive to lead and be the best invest greatly in research, education and development. They see what is possible and they provide the public with benefits they didn’t even know were possible. And we as consumers continue to pay more for quality and personal benefit. They are constantly reinventing themselves.

How do we apply this need to innovate and change to our industry? In the beginning it is a challenge to get people to spend money with us past the initial issue. We have a responsibility to educate our clients on the possibilities and benefits. To create a stronger service experience and to drive our results leading to being profitable we have to be more than we currently are. And we have to keep up.

3 Ways To Keep Your Business On The Leading Edge:

  1. Keep sharpening the things you’re doing and evaluating if they are still effective. Embrace the new – if it’s better.
  2. Look out to the horizon for the things that are coming so we are protecting our companies and industry from attack from outside sources. Your job as a leader is to stay educated and pay attention to the latest technology and solutions available.
  3. Include your team in this discussion. Encourage them to stay abreast of changes and opportunity and to always be sharpening their own knowledge and skills.

It’s all of our responsibility to advance our industry, to stay current and to enhance the lives of our team, our clients and our industry as a whole.


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