Traditional Tools of the Trades

If I were to open the back of one of your trucks, what tools would I see in your techs bags or boxes? I bet you could list them before I even took a look, right? Most of them are the same tools you’ve always used when running service calls.

There is a new breed of tool that continues to infiltrate companies in our industry and when effectively used, widens the gap in service provided to the customer. This tool gives the greatest return on investment available, far easier to measure than the thousands of dollars spent on traditional tools used to perform our jobs.

If you could have this tool for a small investment that would give you an amazing return it would be a no brainer for you to make that investment, right? I’ll bet you are on the edge of your seat by now saying “come on already, tell me what it is.”

The tool is Confidence!

I have personally witnessed on our team that when confidence is developed the service provided to the customer increases, options given increase, conversion rate increases, tasks per call increase, and average tickets increases.

We cannot will or force confidence into our techs, we can however play a role in its development. Here are three ways to build confidence.

  1. Identify and find Clarity around the things that challenge you in a customer interaction and shake your confidence.
  2. Identify your Habits and behaviors that demonstrate a lack of confidence. These are the simple queues that say to our customer I’m not completely confident. For example; looking away or avoiding eye contact, using um’s or ah’s in your speech. These may not seem like lack of confidence signs to us however to our customers they do.
  3. Take Action and observe and change the habits that don’t serve you. Use your clarity of your own challenges to drive new habits.

Believe me, if you are willing to take the action you will see an increase in confidence.

Above I’ve highlighted the first three of the Six Dimensions of Change. These along with much more are the foundation of our Service Sales Success School. We have learned that confidence is at the core of any success story. And now you have the tool to make it at the core of yours.

For more information about the upcoming Service Sales Success School October 17-19, 2013 in Phoenix(Mesa), AZ click here.


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