Laughter Is the Best Medicine

By Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

We were out to dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago having a great time and someone made the funniest comment and I could not stop laughing. When I had just begun to gain control, I started again to the point my eyes were tearing. Pretty soon everyone else was laughing again. After dinner my husband said to me; “I have not heard you laugh like that in a long time” and he was right. It made me realize that we are just too serious most of the time.

There are many serious events, subjects and dark emotions that are unavoidable. They are part of being human. I am guilty myself of taking things way to serious and sucking the humor and fun right out of my day. By denying ourselves a little laughter we attract negativity into our day and become unpleasant to be around.

Many times when I have received one crazy call after another I catch myself saying ”if I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry”. I immediately chuckle and that helps me relieve my stress and reminds me not to take things so serious.

As leaders we need to remember to laugh a little and have fun, this gives others permission to do the same. Laughter and humor can help create resilience, sustain high performance and solutions to challenging situations. It also makes life a lot more fun!

So today I am keeping this short and leaving you with a few jokes and hopefully some laughter.

*These jokes are not intended to offend anyone, just make you laugh. Nothing serious here!

Guaranteed to get a laugh - The Translator


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