How To Best Utilize Your Greatest Resource

By John Burwell, Service and Sales Coach

Yes, there is one resource in your business that ranks above them all. Without it you would virtually cease to exist. It can easily be overlooked when you get caught up in the day to day that becomes the week to week and month to month operation of the business.

As the leader you may feel that you need to have all the answers. But when you overlook this greatest resource of all, you also overlook the immense insight and talent that comes with it.

Our greatest resource is our people. Your people represent your brand, your reputation, and the way you care for your customers.

Greatest benefits of tapping into your human resources:

  1. Greater buy-in
  2. Increased customer connection

Your people are your frontline, they have the ready access to your customers and the situations they face in the field each day. Without their perspective and input, you will only be guessing.

Let’s explore the first benefit in more depth.

The hiring process is a great place to start when working to involve your team more in business decisions. Often times when a new team member doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you start to hear whispers from the team like; “I knew he wouldn’t make it” or “He wasn’t a good fit for us.”

Here are a couple of ways to include the team in the hiring process.

Have the candidate ride with one of your top technicians. This can help in 3 ways:

  • Validates the current team member and their importance to the team.
  • Provides a non-threatening environment for the candidate to ask questions.
  • Provides a non-threatening environment for the tech to ask the candidate questions and assess skill, attitude and fit.

Gather feedback and insights from the technician the candidate rode with.

  • Utilize the information in your hiring decision.
  • Utilize the connection made between the two during your onboarding process, allowing a mentoring relationship to form

You have smart people working for you. People who can help you grow your business and make your vision come to life. Tap into the resources they bring with them to the job and always be on the look-out for other opportunities to optimize their skills.


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