Execution Is King

As you have probably realized over the last few weeks, I’m all about operations and execution. In my book The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E. I illustrate the importance of taking massive action toward accomplishing what you want. I believe in this more than ever after spending so much time with some of the best service based contracting companies in the country over the last decade.

For example, most contractors see training as an expense, not a game improving investment. I still remember in my own business when I felt this was true. I would have a conversation with myself regarding “how could I possibly invest in these technicians when anyone of them could leave us at any given point?”

I found out that my fear of investing in my team was holding me back tremendously. Investing in yourself and your team is critical when it comes to executing the vision/goal. Obviously, you must have a vision and a goal, but that’s simply not enough. You must have tremendous clarity about what you want, and then you must effectively share your clarity with your entire team.

We all have multiple trucks, which also means that we have multiple brands. However many techs you have is how many brands you have. This is true because your brand is exactly what any given technician decides to execute regarding your own process and procedure. You have no control over their action in the field. You can only control what you train and what you inspect.

I think there are three very distinctive keys when it comes to executing your goal as a company leader.

1. Clarity – you must have massive discipline when it comes to clarity and focus. You can only focus on so many things. Most business owners focus on what’s happening at any given moment, but don’t keep a clear focus on the overall goal; much less what will really drive the company forward. This is a very simple discipline, but very few company leaders find a way to master it. The dominant players in any given market understand the importance of clarity.

2. Engagement – the most successful companies I consult and train with have an unmatched level of engagement from their team members across the board. The front line techs provide the best possible service available utilizing their training. This continues with installers, customer service representatives, dispatchers, etc. As leaders we must be engaged at the highest level, but the real customer experience happens at whatever level our entire team is able to remain engaged.

3. Accountability – nothing happens without holding ourselves and those around us accountable to a specific goal or result. Growing a business is pretty simple, but it’s not easy. The key to accountability is following through. Most of us don’t enjoy confrontation, and therefore we generally won’t address unacceptable behavior or results. I’m not a fan of confrontation either, but I’m a huge fan addressing less than desired behavior when it comes to improving results. These two go hand in hand.

When you begin wrapping your day with clarity, engagement, and accountability, great things begin to happen. I’m fortunate enough to coach and train some of the best companies in the country training their technicians. With this experience I find the reminder that the only silver bullet that exists is training your techs with clarity of what you expect, communicating with them to drive their engagement in the process, and holding them accountable to their own results.



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