Evaluation Process

Have you ever noticed how it seems that certain companies happen to thrive regardless of market conditions or specific challenges they may be facing at a particular time? I’ve been studying human performance for years and more specifically, peak performance, in human beings as I continue to search for clear distinctions that separate the real winners from those “sheep walking” through life.

One of the differentiating talents I see in peak performers within our industries is their ability to evaluate things and see exactly what’s going on at a higher level and a more specifically calculated way than most of their peers. Because of this great skill, they are able to extract the information they need quickly in order to continue training, reinforcing and implementing new programs and processes as they achieve their goals.

What is your evaluation process in your company and/or life?

How long does it take you to uncover a less than desired result in your business? What systems do you have in place for addressing any areas of opportunity? How much of your system relies on you and how much relies on other people? People are not their behaviors. We make evaluations and judgments based on a global decision making and evaluation process.

Every single one of us has a system or procedure that we utilize in order to determine what things mean to us, and what we need to do about them, in just about any area of our businesses and lives. Different things have different meaning and importance to different people based on life experiences, values, and previous conditioning. It’s not good or bad, it simply is fact. Therefore, focusing on improving your evaluation process of the results in your life and business as well as what actions to take is one of the greatest skill sets you can improve.

Your evaluation process with set you free!

Terrific leaders make terrific evaluations. The reality is that if someone is doing better than us in any area of our business or life it’s simply because they have a better way of evaluating what things mean as well as what needs to be done about them. This is true in every area of life. How you evaluate what you eat during the day will impact your weight, health and energy. How you evaluate raising your kids will have an immediate impact on their upbringing and perspective on life.

One of the distinctive keys to making great evaluations is linked to the quality of questions we ask. Any time you’re in a place of serious evaluation I would encourage you to get yourself in a state of inquisitiveness and heightened energy. We need to be in a resourceful mental state when asking evaluating questions so we come from a place of solution, not a place of dwelling or focusing on the current problem (challenge) at hand.

Anything that happens in life will go to our brain for a simple question that is asked almost unconsciously every time. “What is happening? What does this mean to me? Will this bring me pain or pleasure? What can I do now in this situation to avoid pain and gain more pleasure?”

As I said, many times we don’t even realize we’re asking these internal questions as we’re caught up in a mental storm at the time. This is true especially when we jump into a crisis mode or situation like losing a top tech to injury at the beginning of the season, or being served with a lawsuit. (We had the opportunity to deal with both of those this year at Peterson.)

How you evaluate things is directly tied to your success. How you take action based on the information from your evaluation is directly tied to your success. Pay more attention to how you evaluate and get clear with the dedicated action you’re taking and watch your results soar!



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