What Do You Sell?

After we completed our last Service Sales Success School here in the Phoenix area, the lovely Christy and I decided to add on a few days for some much needed rest and relaxation. We had received a special offer to stay at the Westin Kierland Villas some time ago and we were able to stay at this amazing resort on a promotional offer.

Of course, you can probably see where this is going. This is a vacation ownership property so of course they wanted us to take part in a “viewing” of their ownership program. Honestly, I probably would not have come here if they had told me upfront this was necessary in our stay. Upon check-in we were directly routed to “our personal concierge” who gave us bottled water, a bunch of discount cards, dinner reservations, etc.

Then it came out, “what time during your stay can you both commit to a 90 minute viewing of our ownership program?” Christy immediately makes it clear that this was NOT something that was in our paperwork or the offer that had been sent to us. With great empathy and composure, our concierge politely says, “Mrs. Chapman, this is not something you HAVE to do, but since you are here on our promotional package and we’ve given you all these great discounts, we simply ask that you at least take a short look at what we do. Of course there is no obligation whatsoever; would Wednesday or Thursday be better?”


I wanted to see the whole sales process anyway because I do this for a living and the two most hated sales processes in the world seem to be purchasing a car and looking at buying a timeshare. Sounds like a dirty word, right? Timeshare! However, many of you reading this right now own or have owned some sort of a vacation ownership plan or timeshare type program. And I’m pretty sure everyone reading this owns a car.

Why do they stick to these types of sales processes if so many people don’t like them? It’s simple, they work! Plus the law of reciprocity was hard at work as we sat there with our highly trained concierge. After all, she did just give us a couple hundred dollars in discounts. We are staying here for less than $100 night and our villa usually rents for $519 (or so they say). How could I not at least go and hear them out?

See, when your techs and front line team do good things for your customers, they are automatically pre-disposed to want to help you in return. If you’re using a business model that requires the front line sets leads for the sales team, this is huge. If your techs do all their own selling this is huge as well. Either way, reciprocity wins every time.
I’ll share more in upcoming weeks about how the process went. No, we didn’t actually buy into the program, but it certainly was the best presentation process I’ve ever seen when it came to this type of sales interaction. If it was a different time in our lives, this program might make sense to us, but right now, it’s not for us. However, as we were walking out and passing by all the other “consultants” educating potential owners, there were sales taking place.

Just like your own process back home. You won’t make a sale to everyone for a lot of different reasons, but it’s critical to sharpen your process for the masses. The program we looked at here is the largest in the world of its kind and I can see why. They know how to sell vacation ownership and utilize the law of reciprocity. They don’t sell a property or week of vacation, they sell an experience. People buy that experience every single day.

What about your company and sales process. Are you selling fans and lighting? Faucets and repipes? New furnaces and air conditioners? Or are you selling a life enhancing product or service??
Get back to benefit minded sales and watch your results soar!



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