By John Burwell, Service and Sales Coach

The YAC is not a result of physical torture or an ancient beast. In the game of football YAC stands for yards after catch, representing how many yards are produced by the receiver after he has caught the ball. Following a catch there are 4 things that can happen.​

  • No additional yards are gained
  • Player loses the ball or fumbles
  • Player scores
  • Positive yards are gained

We also track statistics in our business that relate to action after the catch. Like the YAC is a key performance indicator (KPI) in football Conversion rate and Tasks per call measure the success a technician has after receiving the call.

Conversion rate measures whether technician gains positive yards or not. Meaning, did the call generate revenue or not. Tasks per call identifies how successful the run/call was based on the number of individual tasks sold to the customer. We consider these two stats key performance indicators because they directly impact the outcome of our game: customer service provided and revenue generated.

Accurate tracking of these statistics provides us with valuable information we need for assessing each team members contribution to the team on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With this information we can now coach the correct behaviors in order to increase their success and improve the statistics.

Coaching to improve conversion rate:

Connect with the customer as soon as you can

Listen to your customer and observe their surroundings. Watch for areas of interest such as kids, hobbies, occupation, etc. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Get to know the customer and show them you have an authentic interest.

Ask questions.

These simple questions help open the door to greater conversation and begin to build rapport.

Are you from her originally? If not, where from?

How long have you lived here?

What brought you here?

Technician Training Session

Metaphors are a great way to help teach critical content in a fun and effective way. Use of metaphor helps the learner, in this case your technicians, connect key concepts to something they already know and understand – like football stats. Here is a great activity for your next training meeting.

Open your meeting by getting your guys together in the yard or parking area. Have them run some routes with you throwing them the football. Have another team member guard them and see what happens after they make the catch. Assign someone – maybe the Dispatcher to record each techs results after catching the ball. This doesn’t have to be precise. Post each person’s results on a flip chart. You can then move into your training area to review the results. After reviewing their YAC stats discuss how YAC is like our own KPIs conversion rate and tasks per call. Winning is all about what you do with the opportunities you’re given.

Contest To Increase Your Final Score

Use this training session as a way to introduce and kick off a little friendly competition among your team.

  • Create a display board that shows the marking on a football field - 100 yards.
  • Give each player a line on the field starting at one end on the goal line.
  • The goal of this contest is to move the entire team down the field to the opposite goal line.
  • For each converted call a player moves 5 yards
  • For each task per call the player moves 1 yard per task
  • Optional: split your guys into 2 teams and start on opposite ends of the field to build a team competition
  • The first player(or team) to cross the goal line wins the designated prize. And the company wins with greater emphasis on these two very critical stats.

HAVE FUN! And share with us the experience you have with your team while doing this activity. Drop a note in the comments below and let us know what worked.


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