Mediocrity: The Business Growth Killer

We’ve all noticed at one time or another how certain companies seem to grow and prosper in spite of any challenging outside forces they may face. This is true in our own industries as well as just about any industry you can find. What makes this happen? I’ve written about similar topics like this before, but this week I want to remind us all of a few things we might already know, but need to keep in the forefront of our minds.

Companies that thrive year after year have an unspoken culture that says, “Mediocrity is the enemy and needs to be destroyed at every level!” How’s that for clarity? Most of us are brought up in a society that overall appears to embrace mediocrity (even sometimes rewarding it). I remember when I was in the United States Army seeing mediocre soldiers getting promoted alongside myself and my peers when we were clearly more decorated, and had accomplished more in our careers at the time, but the system was setup to reward longevity, not performance.

One of my good friends and clients who is a great contractor in the Los Angeles area was asked about being loyal to longer term team members. It was funny how his answer shocked the group he was speaking to when he said calmly, “I have no loyalty to anything but performance.”

That may seem like a harsh answer, and I know him well so I do know he’s got a soft heart, but we can all take something positive away from his message. He’s basically stating that you shouldn’t expect me to be loyal to you if you’re not going to be loyal to me through continuously creating your own effective results.

Heck, we don’t even keep score in children’s sporting events in certain areas of the country anymore! What??? How are we supposed to know who wins and who loses? Oh yeah, I forgot. Everybody wins because they came out to play and got their juice and snack, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that we create crazy competition in our youth, and that’s not what this is about.
As business leaders we need to be aware of how society is creating and accepting mediocrity in almost everything we say or do. Because of this fact, we end up hiring and leading certain team members that don’t know anything about peak performance, holding themselves to a higher standard, and expecting to WIN every time they have the opportunity.

We’re in Phoenix this week helping to create another group of winning technicians at our Service Sales Success School. I believe in training and coaching and I believe we must look at mediocrity as the enemy when it comes to producing consistent results in our companies.

Good enough is NOT good enough. It may be good enough for the average person, but it’s NOT good enough for you and I. Studies show that the top 1% of Americans control 43% of our nation’s wealth, while the next 4% control an additional 29%. Think about that for a moment. The top 5% control over 70% of the wealth!!!

This is simply because they constantly choose to eliminate mediocrity from their lives and businesses that the masses continually allow to exist. You might think I’m making this a little too simple, and I hope that’s the case because it IS that simple.

Want an improved business? Eliminate mediocrity!

Want to make more money? Eliminate mediocrity!

Want better relationships? Eliminate mediocrity!

You can continue the list from here, but you get the point. Do some soul searching this weekend and find some areas of your business and life that you may have become a bit complacent. Look for mediocrity that you can eliminate from your situation and enjoy your new found results.



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