How Upfront Value Drives More Sales

Yesterday I hosted my monthly educational tele-seminar phone call on a topic that is very dear to my heart. We had a phenomenal group of contractors on the phone and we broke down the key components to creating more value earlier in the service call than ever before. This leads to exceptional results.

How important is upfront value building to the success of a service call? The more I perform game changing ride alongs with technicians, the more I see how this upfront value proposition is NOT just a nice thing to have technicians execute, but rather a critical component to high performance service sales and lead setting.

When it comes to building more value first and foremost in the service call process there are a few things that must be addressed by technicians to have ultimate success. This week I wanted to share a few highlights when it comes to building value in a service/sales call earlier (and more often) in the process.

First of all, we must focus on having our technicians differentiate at a higher level than is currently taking place all across the board. There are three things that sales winners do regarding differentiators that losers do not address.

The first thing high performers do is effectively differentiating themselves against all other technicians. Too often technicians and salespeople alike make presentations for repairs, replacements, and upgrades in basically the same fashion that everyone else performs these tasks. This is boring and drives complacency as well as mediocrity for our customers.

The second area that average technicians struggle with has to do with differentiating their own offerings whether it's a product or a service. When our technicians don't do a great job explaining the differences and educating our customers about how much better our offerings are than another, nothing good happens. We must get our team to realize and embrace that they are in the education business and helping clients understand what makes our product better is an absolute must when it comes to success!

The final area that top performers excel beyond the mediocre results of an average technician has to do with differentiation of the company itself. I always teach technicians that clients make three different purchasing decisions every single time they invest with you whether it's a $59 tune up or a $25,000 replacement/upgrade. They buy you as a technician first, then they buy the company that you represent, and then last but not least, they buy the product or service that we're offering.

However, technicians seem to be hard-wired to talk far more about the product or service far more than dealing with the client on a human interest level while uncovering their wants, needs, and desires within the call situation.

This week I encourage you to get your front line team more focused on connection, and most importantly more focused on general customer connection far earlier in the call. I'll leave you with three things regarding connection for ultimate service and sales success.

1. Connect earlier in the call

2. Connect by teaching and educating more

3. Keep the client involved throughout the process

When your team is effectively connecting as an enthusiastic and confident service/sales technician earlier in the call, they can gain access and authorization to be a great educator. When your team becomes effective at educating your clients about differentiation dealing with the tech and your products, they become the clearly defined expert for the client.

When your team utilizes the above tools and keeps contact and connection throughout the call, top sales happen alongside phenomenal customer service. It's all about process my friends! Make it a must!



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