The Most Important Trait To Look For In A Service Technician

By John Burwell, Service and Sales Coach

I was recently asked if I were to identify one “got to have” trait as a tech what would it be? Now let’s be clear, there are many things required to be a successful service technician. Today it’s even more challenging since it has become easier for the customer to educate themselves. A recent study shows that 94% of all smartphone users look for information on their phones related to a product or service decision/investment before they buy. This can be intimidating if you’re not ready for it.

And how do we eliminate or reduce that intimidation factor? CONFIDENCE. Regardless of your knowledge and experience if you do not show confidence, you will create doubt. Customers do not know what your knowledge or skill level nor do they have the time for you tell. How you handle those first few minutes with them is what influences their thinking about you and your ability or first impression.

I talked about this same subject back in September and offered you three ways to build confidence. Here we are looking beyond those to create an even stronger impression with your customers.

Practicing these actions can set your confidence in motion?

  1. Get your mind right: Put aside anything that you have on your mind and occupy it with a customer solution mindset. 2 things cannot be in the same exact space at the same exact time. How cool is it that each day we get to meet new people and have an impact on their lives in ways they may not realize, yet! Focus your attention on this and be present.
  2. Draw from experience: Recall a time you felt strong in the first few minutes of the call because you had set your intention and remained focused? Most of us can easily think of at least one example. What was it about that feeling that you can draw from and continue to apply?
  3. Relax and have fun: You are there to help your customer. And you have the skills to do so. They called you because they believe in you and your company. You simply need to be yourself.

Though there are many traits that make up a great a service tech, your confidence is one that will create an immediate impression on your customer and will play a big part in maximizing the service experience for them.


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