Do Yourself a Favor - Get Out There!

You don’t have to interview too many top performers in any industry to uncover the importance of a quality support group and how it closely ties to their success. Many of us go to multiple industry specific events a year and every single time we walk away with a few “nuggets” that we can take back and implement to improve the quality of our businesses and overall lives. This is an incredibly powerful tool that can be utilized effectively in the times between formal events.

We just hosted our second “Live Look” event at Peterson Plumbing this week. Our weekly mastermind coaching group was in attendance as well as some very progressive contractors from all over the country. This was a chance to look at our service company and see how we do certain things and what systems we have put in place to operate effectively without my daily involvement.

This event is NOT about us at Peterson however. It’s about holding up a mirror to you in order for you to decide how you want your own company to operate. Every business has a life blood of culture that is set forth by the top leadership of the organization. No two companies are the same, regardless of how similar their product and service offerings might be.
Do yourself a favor and get out there!

I’m not talking about attending one of our great events when I say this. I’m sharing this as a winning strategy for you to improve results quickly. Talking to like minded and very progressive people will instantly challenge and change your thought process if you’re willing to allow it to happen. You never know where your next great idea will come from, but I will tell you that it’s going to be much more difficult to manifest a great idea sitting in your quiet office by yourself, stuck in your own head.
You don’t even have to travel to get involved by phone with some smart people that want to be engaged and actively grow their companies and lives in a positive direction. There’s a lot of fear in this industry and we all think we need to keep our great ideas to ourselves so “somebody doesn’t steal them”. I would advise you to stop worrying about that and look at one of my last blogs I wrote about the pain of mediocrity.

Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and make more money than you, or at least are creating the results in their lives that you want. They don’t even have to be from the same industry. I have a friend that sold his HVAC Company to a national franchise and retired at his country club, playing golf multiple times a week. Due to the demographics of his golf club, he’s around CEO and executive types all the time.

A couple weeks ago we had dinner together while I was in the Phoenix area putting on our technician sales and service school. It was fascinating to listen to some of his ideas he’s considering acting on (in retirement) because he gets great ideas from these smart people he shares the golf course with.

What about you? Are you getting out there and interviewing the most successful people you know? Are you sitting in your office afraid of your competition and worried about the economy? Are you maximizing the experience of others that have had great success and challenging failures that we can learn from? By the way, some of this can simply come from a good book as well!!



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