Black Friday Irritation?

Here we are once again, the day after Thanksgiving in the good old USA. This is a day that seems to have become overtaken by the retailers getting in our face about the best deals of the year. The fear factor is alive and well in their marketing and advertising and they’re doing anything they can to get us in the door to spend money with them.
Their overhead has been met (in most cases) and now they have Gross Margin deals that they can play with and see if they can find a deal that is something we simply can’t pass up. Remember, Black Friday originally got the name because that was the day the retailers finally got “in the black” and began turning a profit, instead of residing “in the red” as they had for the first 10 plus months of the year.

Everybody’s so angry about Black Friday. I get it! I’m fine with Black Friday, but I’m not okay with it becoming earlier and earlier every year (as it seems). Granted, this year Thanksgiving was later in the calendar than most years, which means they have less sales days between now and Christmas, but people are making me laugh about how angry they get regarding something they can easily say no to.

It’s simply an offer for you to go shopping. If you don’t like it, don’t think it’s worth it, or don’t want to participate, then DON’T!!! Nobody is holding a gun to your head to get up from the Thanksgiving dinner table and get to a retail outlet by a certain time. However, even if you don’t like it or agree with it, LEARN from it.

We live in a society that makes decisions almost solely on fear. The reason Black Friday deals (or whatever day they move it up to) work is because most people are afraid of missing that once in a lifetime almighty deal. They’re afraid that something they want will be on a sale they can never get again.

In our businesses and personal lives we make decisions everyday based on fear. We get jobs and earn money because we’re afraid to be broke. We go to the gym because we’re afraid of being fat. We get married because we’re afraid to be alone. We make concessions for team members that don’t deserve them because we’re afraid of losing them. Simply put, we allow a lot of mediocrity because we’re afraid of the unknown.

Think about our own businesses and how we go to market. We don’t want fear based marketing, but our customers are telling us loud and clear that they need a more compelling reason to take action today. Is it a ½ price tune-up or sewer cleaning? Is it a free (insert the offer) with an electrical inspection? Scarcity is a powerful motivator with our customers so we need to keep this in mind. “X offer for the first X amount of people” is used successfully time and time again.

This column isn’t about marketing today, but I still wanted to hold up a mirror for you to look at yourself and the things around you to see what you’re not using to the best of your ability. If Black Friday didn’t work, we wouldn’t be hearing about it, and it certainly would be moving up in the week! What is your competition doing that you don’t agree with, but it works? If it’s ethical, perhaps you can implement some of that strategy for yourself. Before you automatically discount competitors, learn from them!

Heck, you’ll even see that we’re running a Black Friday special for you this week. We’ve never offered a sale like this, so we thought we’d see how you respond. My main goal is to help you anyway we can and if that means a Black Friday deal to get a program in your hands, then I’m willing to do it! At least you don’t have to leave your house!

Have an incredibly blessed weekend, and please know we’re incredibly grateful for you being a part of our community!



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