Are You Thinking Big Enough?

I hope you were able to join us on our live teleseminar training yesterday entitled Punch Mediocrity in the Face! If you’ve been reading or watching anything I’ve been putting out for you lately, you’re well aware of my quest of helping clients remove mediocrity from their businesses, lives, and overall results. This is certainly a topic that can be written about and written about, but it takes a different mindset to actually remove mediocre results.

When I first started in business for myself on that fateful April Fool’s Day back in 1994 (yes, I really did start on that specific day), my uncle shared information with me that helped my confidence in my ability. See, I didn’t have any confidence or ability; in fact I had no business whatsoever being in this business at the time! However, my Uncle said to me, “Kenny, you’re going to learn pretty quickly that the competition is weak.”

That statement is a mindset changing statement. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m much more about collaboration than competition. We compete with ourselves more than any other company or any other person. That being said, you cannot honestly argue with Uncle Ivan’s perspective when he said the competition is weak.

He’s not even referring to business competition exclusively, but rather the way people in general conduct their lives. Look around. You’ll find a sea of sameness and mediocrity that has become acceptable to most people and even actually embraced by others.

Stop it! Change it! Do something different. Think in a different way!

Are you thinking big enough? I’m not just speaking about sales, profits, vacations, and the various tangible things we’re taught to pursue in our culture. I’m talking about an overall perspective. Your life! The quality of your life!

If you’re not getting results that you want, what needs to change? From the perspective that I have when it comes to coaching really great companies, I’ll tell you one thing that must change. You must change how you think and you must think BIGGER. I don’t mean bigger by how many trucks you have, how many service calls you run, or any other specific task oriented measurement.
How big are you thinking about your life, your influence, and your legacy. I recently wrote a column in PM Magazine that was about your own legacy and how you intend to leave your mark. Are you thinking big enough? Are you creating the relationships you deserve? Are you training, coaching, and impacting your team members in a productive way that can specifically improve their results and situation?

You’ve been given the gift of leadership, don’t waste it. You’re smart, you can be effective, you can create any results you want, but you must change your thinking first. In the end, it’s truly NOT about the money, fame or fortune, it’s about the person you become in the process of achieving your goals. You must evolve to accomplish new goals, and now is your time!
Think bigger and go get some new results!



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