What's Your Hodag?

All last week I was training my onsite sales and service program in the north woods of Wisconsin. I love when I'm onsite with clients and it’s always an honor to work with companies in the vastly different (and yet the same) markets around.

This particular company is located in a town called Rhinelander, the home of the Hodag. Most of you are certainly wondering the same thing I was when the word Hodag first came about to me last week.

When I'm training techs I find that they love to have information that I might not yet know and they have big fun when it's exposed that they know something I don't know. This is all good with me and I have fun with them in the process.

Since I was staying on my client’s property in their guest house, we all had dinner together after our first day of training last week. Once we sat at the big patio table to eat, my question had to be answered.

"What's the story of the Hodag", I quickly ask. I become informed of the story regarding the Rhinelander Hodag all the way back to 1893. I won't write about it here but I give you a cliff notes version in this week's video version you can watch.

In a nutshell, the Hodag is a huge myth that many people followed and believed in for many, many years. It wasn't true, it never was true, but some people believed it at different levels through the years.

This automatically makes me think about our companies.

What is your Hodag? Said differently, what is a myth you still believe when it comes to leading and managing your company?

We all have things that we still believe are true that have no relevance any longer regarding our businesses. My mentor Frank Blau helped me break through some of mine many years ago, but I see clients still holding to many false beliefs regarding what's possible, profits deserved, benefits for team members, client expectations, training ROI, market abundance, and so many more.

All I encourage you to do is ask questions. What are the things you've always believed that are no longer true? What myths exist in our businesses today that needs to be challenged and exposed? What process are you still following just because you've always done it that way?

What's your Hodag?

It is a great area up north and the Hodag story adds to the character of this beautiful part of the world. The Hodag is their high school mascot and many businesses have a tie to the Hodag in some way. That's all well and good for this town, but myths in your business are not serving you.

Question your myths this week and let go of the things that aren't driving growth and profitability in your business.



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