Blending Expert Status

In last week’s column we discussed the importance of Expert Status and how critical it is for our technicians to demonstrate themselves as experts at every level throughout the customer experience.

I also shared that Expert Status is a label that many people resist, including technicians. Many techs feel they are experts when it comes to the particular widgets they repair/replace on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is where the belief as an expert ends for many technicians.

Being a technical expert is necessary to success in this field for sure. We've demonstrated this for years as an industry based on the training provided by manufacturers and distributors. Check any distributor's training schedule and you're sure to find technical training out numbering sales/communication training ten to one!

Technical training is a necessity. I've already stated that and let's agree on this point so we can move to the next one. That is, technical training without communication and sales training will NOT improve sales. Sure a technical savvy front line team member will be able to fix anything and will have some inherent confidence because of this skill, but that's just not enough.

We must maintain a steady and consistent focus on communication and sales training to better assist our team members with the people skills necessary to build effective relationships. When we build effective relationships through focused and intentional questions and conversation, the byproduct becomes trust. When we are trusted and have the confidence to make recommendations and deliver options for our customer to choose from based on our Expert Status, really great things happen for everybody!

The customer is better educated on choices, options, and different price points based solely on their goals at this time. This allows them to make a better buying decision. When customers make good buying decisions with the help of an expert, they are simply better satisfied. When they are better satisfied, the more likely they are to give reviews, referrals, and remain long term customers.

When the customer wins, the technician and the company win also. This is always going to be a law of averages thing, so don't get discouraged if you don't win every single time, just make sure your delivery is the very best process you've got every single time.

Remember to share this information with your front line to help them win more and better represent your brand. Get intentional on blending the Expert Status between technical expert and communication expert and enjoy improved results immediately.



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