Turn Communication into Profit

Earlier this week John and I hosted a national teleseminar training entitled "How Great Leaders Turn Communication into Profit". This week in Freedom Friday I wanted to give you a couple of the highlights from this training as it is such an important part of business for us all.

As leaders and daily managers we must first get clear on the importance of communication in the company and clearly understand the impact of our actions (or lack thereof) when it comes to effective communication. I almost hesitate to use the words effective communication because it feels almost like these words have been overused and don't have much emotional meaning in some ways.

Nothing is further from the truth when it comes to reality and leading for profits in business. Communication is the basis of all relationship. Since I believe we are all in the people business, but our products vary from company to company, relationships are pinnacle to our success.

Why is it that one company struggles to make payroll and keep the ship afloat while a competitor in the exact same market and exact same industry has national role model type profits? Certainly there are many factors that may come into play here, but I can guarantee you that effective levels of communication have a great deal to do with it!

Every time we go onsite for training and coaching, or accept a new client, we find opportunities to improve communications for our clients. I can't stress enough how important this is for you as a leader. Just as we teach front line team members the importance of communication and education in the sales process, the same is true regarding us leading our teams.

Effective communication needs to be worked on. It doesn't happen on its own, and it takes time, commitment, and practice. Be easy with yourself as you begin to focus on this critical piece of leadership as you very well could hit some stumbling blocks based on your current conditioning. It's all good and it will translate to profits, so it's worth it on many levels.

We see that when our clients implement effective communication training and strategies REALLY great things begin to happen. People become better leaders. People become better managers. Your team is better positioned to keep tasks organized and well arranged. Bottom line benefit is relationships are better throughout the entire organization (as well as your personal life).

When leaders will exemplify great communication motivation is actually promoted throughout the team. It can also create positive impact with individual attitudes. An informed individual will have a better attitude and work ethic than an uninformed individual.

This week pay attention to how well you communicate. Catch yourself when you realize you're not being as effective as you can and always handle situations as quickly as you can to drive behavior changes which turn into profits!

Check out this week's video version below, just click the picture! (and make fun of the look on my face)

Dedicated to your success,



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