I'm Just The Customer

The lovely Christy and I went to breakfast in Las Vegas earlier this week at a restaurant called IL Fornaio in the casino area of New York New York. We were staying at the Mandarin Oriental (unbelievable property by the way, stay there when you get to Vegas), so it was a short walk over to this place we had remembered having a great breakfast at some years ago.

Upon arrival the restaurant was about ¾ of the way full I would guess. We were seated promptly and then it began going downhill as soon as our server finally made it over to us. He wouldn't make eye contact with either one of us and he certainly was VERY clear through his physiology that he absolutely loathes his job.

Not my problem, I'm the customer!

Well, it actuallywas my problem as our coffee took forever to arrive at the table. The water we ordered didn't show up. Our order was incredibly slow to be taken, and much slower to arrive at the table. What was meant to be a mid-morning breakfast was suddenly turning into a late morning brunch!

Not my problem, I'm the customer!

Well, it actually was my problem as we were the ones inconvenienced by schedule, horrific service, terrible attitude, and mediocre food (at best). As you all know, I'm not a complainer and I always look for the positive in any given situation. This was to be no different as Christy says to me, "well, at least you have a Freedom Friday topic from this." I laughed out loud as she was correct, that was about the best outcome we could see.

I only tipped the guy $5 on a $45 bill. I honestly can't remember the last time I left less than 15-20% for a tip. This behavior deserved a big $0.00 tip or a penny, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. As a sales trainer and business owner, I love the service experience and have the utmost respect (and empathy) for anybody that chooses a career in the service industry of any kind, therefore I always tip well. That being said, I wanted to help this guy so I left a note along with the bill explaining the reason for the crappy tip.

Not my problem, I'm the customer!

Really? Is it my responsibility to train this guy in basic human interaction skills for a friggin' $50 breakfast? C'mon, that's crazy to me! What level of training had he been given? I'm sure he had training and understands how to be a good server, so why wasn't he? Is it willingness or ability? That's a whole different conversation, but I'm pretty sure we all know the answers.

Next week I'll talk about part 2 of this Vegas trip, but at least yesterday we got a great service experience and lunch at one of our favorite places on the planet: Miguels' on Coronado Island. I shot this video at the Hotel Del Coronado after lunch yesterday. 125 year old property and they still "get it".

What about you and your service??

Have an incredible week!!!

To your success,



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