In The Zone...

A common term used in sports when a player, say in a basketball game, is hitting shots from all over the offensive end of the court, making the majority of them is referred to as being “in the zone.” If you are in the zone you are doing something easily and with skill, causing feelings of happiness and excitement. Would you agree that this is a strong place be? Can we, in our roles get in “the zone?” What do you think?

I will bet we all can remember a call where everything went “right” and the customer said yes to all the options we gave them. I will guarantee the feeling of excitement and happiness were two of our strongest feelings at the time. We could say we were “in the zone.” So how do we capitalize on this or better yet how do we replicate it.

  1. Be ready - you had it happen before and chances are it can happen again because it is something you have experienced. Reflect on the things you did on that call that were strong in helping the customer with their decision.
  2. Fully expect it - when you go into the call fully knowing you are the right person, right now, to take care of this customer better than any other choice they have you will increase your confidence thus increasing the customers confidence in you and the recommendation you have given them to solve their issue/issues.
  3. Take specific action - apply the things you identified that were a part of a previous experience. This will position and increase the chances of creating that “in the zone” again.

In the zone has a flip side. One we do well to avoid, however in most cases, we play a big part of creating. We may simply go into the call with no set intention, simply going through the motions to get the call done. We know we all want to do a good job and are doing the best we can. Sometimes though we get caught up in distractions of life and need a nudge to gain focus on the task at hand; providing the best service experience for the customer. This “in the zone” has feelings of frustration and discouragement. I have yet to find anyone who wants to remain here. You can help out your team member that may be stuck by asking a few questions and doing a lot of listening. Doing so will help them get back into the “in the zone” we all enjoy being in.


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