Do Your Keys Fit Your Car?

We all have different styles of cars and vehicles. In today’s world it becomes almost difficult to find a car that doesn’t have some sort of Key Fob that you can remotely lock/unlock your vehicle. We’re witnessing technology evolve to a point that we almost can’t even lock our keys in the car anymore.

Case in point: my client last week in Washington State gave us a vehicle to drive for our time there that were to leave at the airport for him to pick up at his convenience. I almost couldn’t get the car to allow me to intentionally lock the keys in the car once we got to the airport. Ah yes, technology.

Key entry systems have evolved to a point that I can now lock and unlock my Mercedes on an iPhone app! How does this happen? Obviously, the computer system in the car has to know that the code is correct and allows it to “speak” to the vehicle. What does this have to do with us and our businesses?

Well, this column is NOT about cars and keys. This is completely about how you utilize the “keys” that you have in your particular business model. There has been some great conversation recently on the Service Roundtable bulletin board regarding maintenance agreement pricing and models that makes me think we need to always keep in mind our intention and purpose for the given business model we’ve chosen.

All too often, we attempt to open the wrong vehicle with the wrong set of keys from a business model perspective. Think about the marketing campaign from car lots that send you a mock up key attached to a direct mail piece that you have to come to the car lot on a specific day to find out if your key opens the car they’re giving away.

There are all too many commonalities when it comes to the way a lot of blue collar industries pick their own business models. If you got the key in the mail and it was not the one in a million that fit the car, you could walk the car lot for days and never unlock one single automobile. This is a simple fact that we ALL can understand and relate to. Then why does something so simple become so hard to see when it comes to our very own companies?

I’ve spent the last 19 years as a contractor and I’ve been training people to make more money in the great blue collar industries for over a decade now, and this still somewhat boggles my mind. How can somebody struggling to make payroll not believe in a business model of an incredibly successful company playing the same game in the same market? Why? I believe they simply can’t see it.

I have empathy for an individual’s blind spots. We all have them, myself included. But when I think about the multiple clients of mine that will earn more than $250,000 in net profits each THIS MONTH; all in various markets that others I speak to tell me that the economy is why they can’t charge more money or….you fill in the blank. This is nuts and we’ve got to change it.

Wake up to the business model you want and find the right key to open the door. Some keys used to work great for certain models and today are no longer relevant. This is about a choice my friend. DECIDE today what make, model, and design you want for your life. Then seek the right key and get that door open to start the engine!



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