Are You Serving Your Clients?

By Robin Stevens, Inside Operations Coach

The main goal of any business providing a product or service is to be of service to our clients whether by phone or in person. Service is defined as “an act of helping”. Do we really take the time to serve each and every client or do we get complacent, to where it becomes just another house or just another phone call. Are we more worried about being measured than serving? Do you feel client calls are an interruption in your day? Do you take their calls? Clients expect to be served in a timely manner, with a certain measure of respect by someone who is interested in doing what’s best for them. Leaders are responsible for developing a culture with a clear purpose that is to properly serve their clients even the challenging ones. What example are you setting?

Most organizations seek to operate with a high level of integrity. Integrity is defined as “the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards”. This requires a business to ask the tough questions like; are we doing what’s right for our clients? If we follow through with this decision, what will the impact be to our clients? If we chose to ignore what we know about this, what is the long term impact to our company’s reputation with our clients? Acting with integrity requires one to be above-board at all times with clients. It is imperative that clients feel that they can trust you or they will not come back. When there is a lack of communication (no returned phone calls, incomplete bid information, and lack of follow up) with a client they begin to question a business’s integrity and start to assume the worst, even if the assumption is not validated. The only thing they know is, you performed a service, they paid for that service and now the company does not have time for them? Today’s clients can create a whirlwind of negativity through social media channels so be sure you are doing everything you can to prevent the whirlwind from turning into a tornado. Ask yourself each day if you are being of service to your clients and team or are you distracted by other things going on personally? If you are distracted remove the things you have no control over in this moment. Be fair to your clients and your team, give them the attention they deserve.

Remember we all chose to be in the service business and we must not forget TO BE OF SERVICE TO OUR CLIENTS AND TEAM!!!


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